Those absolutely adorable mini skincare fridges that are all the rage on social media are surprisingly not a complete waste of money. While you don’t actually need a separate refrigerator for your beauty products, refrigerating some of your skin care does have some real benefits. 

This is because cold temperatures constrict blood vessels, which can decrease both puffiness and redness, and enhance the soothing sensation of products. As a general rule of thumb, any type of cream- or gel-based product can be kept in the fridge, but avoid sticking anything oil-based in there, as oil based products will solidify, which can affect its potency and cause the formula to separate.

Here are five of the best products to keep chilled:

Your Eye Cream

Eye creams are one of the best products to keep cold. Chilling your eye cream can go a long way in helping combat puffy eyes. If you really want to maximise the effects, refrigerate eye products that come with a metal rollerball applicator tip because metal conducts cold well, so you’ll get even more of those benefits, and the massaging motion from the rollerball helps to further push out the excess fluid that leads to puffiness. 

Face Roller 

A chilled (or better yet, frozen) roller will work even better than one that’s room temperature, and is a cheap and effective way to quickly de-puff your entire face. 

Skin-Soothing Masks

Any skincare product that claims to be soothing, cooling, or anti-inflammatory is going to be even more so when stored in a refrigerator. If you want to up the ante, look for soothing, gel-based formulas as these have a higher water content than their cream, and feel cooler and more refreshing, especially when they’re kept in the fridge.

A chilled, gel-based, soothing mask is a surefire way to calm and quell irritated, stressed or sunburned skin. 

Post-Injection Arnica Treatment

You can also chill arnica to help with post-injection bruising. This herb is already meant to help combat bruises, but when it’s chilled you get even more of those vaso-constricting benefits that can help with that and any potential swelling too.

Vitamin C Serum

Products that contain vitamin C can be chilled because it helps the ingredient stay stable for longer. The ingredient, which delivers antioxidant protection plus skin-brightening and collagen-boosting benefits, is notoriously unstable, so keeping your vitamin C products in the fridge can help prolong their shelf life. Just make sure the serum is water, and not oil-based, and with any vitamin C product, look for one with opaque, dark packaging, since light can inactivate the ingredient.