I have always believed that a good haircut or colour could save a bad day. If I were having a rough time, I would sometimes try to make a hair appointment, because sometimes simply walking into a hair salon lifts my spirits. After a mere two to three hours in the salon, I would emerge feeling like a new woman. 

My recent media trial at HaLu Hair Design had been a particularly good one and I felt and looked much fresher after the experience. First impressions count and the ambience at the salon was cozy and welcoming. I especially love the floral arrangements on the ceiling.

The salon prides itself on providing high-quality Japanese styling at affordable prices and after a quick check of the rates online, I found the prices to be rather reasonable for a Japanese hair salon and for the quality of service there. 

Other than the ambience, the leading Japanese and Singaporean stylists here also have the skills to boot with at least 10 to 15 years of experience in the hair industry each. 

What I really liked about the service here was the personalized experience. My stylist on that day was Seiji and having worked in the hair styling industry here for nearly seven years and counting, he spoke really good English so we had no problem communicating. 

We struck up a conversation and I loved his quiet confidence so much, I made the rare decision to give him free rein on deciding on the length, style and colour of my hair despite having only just met him for the first time that day!

Luckily, Seiji could read me like a book and knew exactly what I needed. He obviously knew his trade well too. The cut framed my face nicely and made it looked slimmer. I was particularly glad to have left the decision of the hair colour to Seiji because I was pleasantly surprised by the end result. 

To be honest, I wouldn’t have picked the colour out myself because I tend to gravitate towards the safer or darker shades. I am pale in complexion and do not wear make up often so was happy that the golden brown highlights he chose complimented my natural skin colour well.

More information on HaLu Hair Design

The salon located at 11 Mohamed Sultan Road, #02-01/02 is helmed by stylists Daisuke Kasai and Seiji Kawashima, both veterans in the industry with over 15 years of experience in Japan and Singapore.

The salon aims to provide patrons with the same high-quality service and styles at a fraction of the cost of luxurious Japanese salon brands in Singapore. HaLu Hair Design is a new concept to offer affordable hair cutting and styling solutions using Japanese technique, complete with an authentic Japanese salon experience.

With hair cuts starting at $50, expect the same level of quality, service, and expertise one can expect from luxury salons. With stylists of different specialties, one can look forward to getting their hair needs and desires met in capable hands. To try out their services or peruse their menu, go here.