Heineken Asia Pacific Beverages is making its first foray into the energy drink market with Solar Power, a naturally sourced energy drink with vitamin C to boost immunity and vitamin D to fight fatigue.

Solar Power, the first energy drink in Singapore that features a unique combination of naturally-sourced caffeine, vitamin C, and vitamin D for a healthier energy boost.

Designed to be an everyday beverage, Solar Power’s refreshing citrus flavour makes it the perfect antidote for every major and mundane moment in life, not to mention our blisteringly hot weather. Whether it’s a looming deadline, a three-hour-long lecture, a post-lunch food coma or a yawn inducing zoom meeting, a can of Solar Power promises to keep your energy levels up and running!

Can’t wait to grab one? Solar Power is now available for purchase at your nearest 7-Eleven store, and retails for $2.90 for a 330ml can. Just keep your eyes peeled for a dark blue metallic can that simply radiates good energy.