By Aimee L

I don’t know about you, but when a snack claims to be spicy, I expect some heat, but have constantly been disappointed. So, when Golden Moments sent over their new Fiery Mala Xiao Long Xia crackers, I was thrilled to be assigned the story and see if these new crackers were as fiery as they claimed to be.

Long Da Ge, the newly launched sister-brand of homegrown durian artisan Golden Moments, introduces its first product line of Mala Xiao Long Xia – crunchy bite-sized classic lobster crackers with a fiery twist!  

Adhering to a 100% authentic Sichuan Mala recipe that originated from China in the 19th century, the cracker is made with fresh small lobster and seasoned with dried Sichuan red chilli pepper and peppercorn from the prickly ash tree, melded with umami flavour that they promise will ignite the senses. Well I gave it a go and here is what I honestly think.

These are the only spicy crackers, crisp or snack in the market that actually lives up to its promise. While I do not get a strong or distinct lobster flavour, the crackers pack heat, but not the mouth numbing, can’t taste anything sort of heat, but a flavourful heat that builds with each cracker munched.

If you are not a spice lover, I still suggest you give this cracker a try as the heat is not overwhelming – unless like me, you eat the crumbs at the bottom of the packet and end up sweating buckets but loving every single fiery moment.

A 100g packet of these fiery crackers retails for $9.80, a three pack bundle retails for $29.40 and a five pack bundle is priced at $49.00. Both Long Da Ge and Golden Moments are available online and at FairPrice Finest.