I love to colour my hair. To me, changing my hair colour is the way in which I express myself and my personality. While I do go to the salon a few times a year for a professional colour, or if I want to do something more creative, I usually colour my hair at home, because it’s cheaper and easier.

But here’s the thing, hair dyes can cause hair damage and the colour just does not last long. Which is why practicing hair-friendly techniques like limiting heat styling and conditioning the hair and dyeing it closer to its natural colour may help to limit time exposure to hair dyes and minimise damage

Here are some simple tips that can help prolong your hair colour, save you money and reduce the chance of going bald from over-colouring:

Use The Right Shampoo, But Shampoo Sparingly
Washing your coloured hair too often can cause fast fade. But living in a country where the humidity levels are crazy high, it’s hard not to wash your hair everyday. But if you want your colour to last, it is best to wash your hair less frequently.

And most importantly, use extremely gentle shampoos that are high on moisturising ingredients and low on detergents such as sulphates, that can strip away colour.

Condition! Condition! Condition!
Apart from providing hair with much needed hydration, conditioners seals the cuticle, keeping colour molecules inside the hair shaft. Condition after every shampoo, and use a hydrating mask or a leave-in treatment weekly. 

Because I need to wash my hair daily (I refuse to have a smelly head) on certain days I skip the shampoo and wash my hair with water and condition from the middle to the ends. This method works to remove the sweat and oils from my scalp, keep my scalp from getting stinky and itchy while protecting the colour at the same time.

Style Smart
Avoid products that contain alcohol, like many volumizers and hairsprays. These products can dry out your hair and shrink the cuticle, which causes colour to appear washed-out. Look instead for alcohol-free alternatives and stylers formulated with fade-fighting UV filters like benzophenone-4 and benzyl salicylate. 

I hope these tips help, thanks for reading and have a happy Sunday!