By Angelica Bottaro

Trends in home décor are always changing and evolving. If you think of some of the biggest styles through the decades—from the 70s shag rugs and various shades of orange and brown to the unthinkable wallpaper-in-every-room—there’s been some dire mistakes. Still, everyone and their mother loved them back in the day. The problem with decorating to suit the latest trend is that trends come and go—it’s in their nature, after all. Now style, on the other hand, is eternal.

Whether you’re just settling in to new digs or you’ve been looking at the same teal wall for what seems like your entire life, you may be thinking that it’s time for a change. Or maybe, you don’t even realize that your home is in desperate need of a facelift. Here are some signs that your home could definitely use a freshen up and some ways to get it done. 

It Looks Like A Pinterest Board Threw Up

Pinterest is a great tool to get some swoon-worthy ideas for designing your home. The problem with it is that sometimes those ideas are here today, gone tomorrow. The trend is often gone when you finally get around to purchasing all those oh-so-pretty throw pillows and less-than-useful knick-knacks.

While you don’t have to care about being “so last year,” because you can like what you like regardless of it being “in,” having all that clutter is not good for your emotional health. In fact, it can actually bring on feelings of anxiety and keep you from concentrating or getting a good night’s sleep.

So, what can you do? Marie Kondo your way to a better and more clean-looking space. Swap the colourful pillows for a neutral and get rid of anything that acts as nothing other than something you need to dust. 

It Looks Like A Colour Wheel

This one can be a bit complicated, because who doesn’t want some colour in their home? The trick with colour is that way less is way more. Pops of colour on a backdrop of neutrals will go a long way to keeping your house classic, chic, and easy on the eyes. Too much of any colour, or several colours, will ignite mixed emotions.

How, you may ask? Well, colours can literally bring up feelings. For example, red is often associated with opposing emotions such as passion and rage. Having too much red could lead to you feeling like you want to make out with your partner and that you kinda want to punch them in the face.

The same goes for every other colour in the rainbow—in the sense that they invoke their own emotions. Keep the colours to a minimum, and don’t forget the old classic combo of black and white. It’s timeless and will never go out of style.

Afraid Of Big Renos?

Does your kitchen look like every before photo in a home renovation show? Maybe your bathroom rivals that of the one in your grandparents home—you know the one—the same toilet, tile, bath combo that they’ve had since they bought the house for $10,000 all those years ago. Whatever the case, bigger-renos may seem costly upfront, but they can do a lot for your home and the way you feel in it.

If you’re going to jump into the deep end of the home facelift, you’ll want to do this by taking one room at a time. The kitchen can be a great place to start because it is arguably the most trafficked area. Replace the old backsplash that covers only one horizontal strip throughout your kitchen for a more widespread tile choice that goes all the way up to the ceiling. Hello, higher-looking ceilings!

While you’re at it, you can replace (or simply paint!) all those sad-looking oak or maple cupboards in a neutral white or beige colour. This will take the age out of your kitchen and open the space up to make it feel bigger, brighter, and modern. 

The Thrill Is Gone

Remember when you bought those cute little bookends and proudly displayed them on your bookshelf for all your guests to see? Now, look at those again and see how you feel. Not the same? Chuck ’em! You have to find a way to see your house—and the décor you’ve chosen—in a new light. In some cases, that new light will shine a light on how little emotion they make you feel.

Make every piece in your house mean something, and if it doesn’t, donate it to someone else so they can enjoy it like you once did.

Giving your home the facelift it so desperately needs isn’t just good for the eye; it’s good for the soul. What are you waiting for? 2022 is the perfect time to breathe some life back into your space and start the year with a new look home.