Christmas came and went far too fast for my liking, and while I’m still trying to process this fact, the calendar informs me that tomorrow is the start of a whole new year! But before the year ends, here are some simple decluttering suggestions that won’t take long, but will be well worth the effort.

Decluttering can also be a smart way to clear out your home while getting some cash back. If you’re not sure where to start, begin with these five common clutter collectors below, and you’ll begin the New Year with a home that’s calmer and tidier. 

Holiday Decorations

Before you box up all the holiday decor and store them away for another year, sit back and evaluate your stash. If there are decorations you haven’t used in years or that are damaged, it may be time to toss them.

Baking Supplies

Now that Christmas is over, sort out all your baking utensils and declutter what you don’t need. Either donate what you no longer use, or list it on Carousel or Facebook Marketplace.

Your Email Inbox

If your email inbox has been bombarded with sales notifications and other such junk, take a look at which ones you never open or which stores you’re unlikely to shop from again and unsubscribe from them.

Your Kids’ Mountain Of Toys

We love our kids and tend to shower them with gifts. But after a while, the house can become overrun with toys, blocks, dolls, cars, you name it. If you can no longer see the floor in your child’s room or playroom because it’s covered in toys, it’s time to declutter.

If they’re old enough, let your kids be part of the decision-making process. Create a rule—like for every toy they choose to keep, they have to donate one. If the toys are in good condition, telling your child that they will go to another kid who could really use them may make letting go easier and it’s also a great way to reduce consumerism and wastage and brighten the day of someone less fortunate. But before donating, be sure to wash the toys with soap and water and check any guidelines at the organisation you’re donating to. 

Holiday Cards, Mail, And Packaging And Gifts You Will Never Use

Harden your heart and pack up all those cards and gift boxes for recycling or the trash. Unless the card is from someone very dear to you, it can go into the bin.

There is truly nothing worse than receiving a gift you will never use. Collect all the items you know you will never use and donate them or sell them and buy yourself something you would really use with the money earned!

Happy new year everyone and thank you for being with us own this crazy journey called life!