While most of us are diligent about applying our facial skin care products twice a day, many of us stop at the neck and neglect everything below our face. But here’s the thing, the skin on our neck skin is subject to the same external factors such as UV light and environmental free radicals as the face, so it deserves the same care you give your face.

When creating a daily neck routine, start with the basics and never, ever skip your sunscreen. There is a medical condition called poikiloderma of Civatte, which is damaged skin and broken capillaries and pigmentation on the outside edges of your neck caused by sun damage.

Another great step is incorporating retinol into your night routine to build collagen and reduce fine lines, but just bear in mind that the neck is very sensitive. So if you are using retinol, buffer the skin first by using it over your moisturiser until your skin is able to handle it.

Moisturising is also an important step, and while there are many neck creams on the market, you can simply use your face cream on your neck and save yourself the added expense.

There are also several actions that you can incorporate during your neck routine that don’t require any skincare products or pricey treatments. Simply holding your phone at eye level can help to prevent “tech neck”, and when you’re applying your skin care products, do so using upward strokes to prevent dragging your skin downwards.