By Angelica Bottaro

According to the Global Wellness Institute, the health and wellness industry is worth a tonne of money. And by a tonne of money, I mean over $4 trillion USD. Considering that fact, it’s no wonder that we are bombarded by new health and wellness products, apps, and everything in between every day. People are realizing faster than ever that health should be a number one priority. After all, if you don’t have your health, having anything else is that much more difficult. 

Among the companies that belong to the trillion-dollar club, many have been in it solely for the cash, while others truly care about enhancing our bodies and minds. The trends that have taken the world by storm—so far—have been a mixed bag of scientifically proven to be good for you and cash grabs designed for nothing other than a deepening of a big companies pockets.

I’m not going to name companies full of executives with dollar-sign eyes; however, I will tell you all about the upcoming wellness trends that you can literally feel good about jumping on board with.

Holistic Care For Emotional Health

Emotional health involves handling whatever life throws at you without going off the deep end into breakdown territory. Because emotional health is a sort of umbrella term for managing stress and dealing with other mental and emotional health issues such as anxiety and depression, it can be hard to pinpoint exactly what trends will pop up next in this space. 

However, we’re seeing a more holistic approach for emotional wellness, involving adaptogens and natural remedies for any issues a person may have. And in this world, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who isn’t stressed.

Using herbs such as holy basil, various types of mushrooms, and turmeric will be big things in the upcoming year to help rid the body of stress and aid overall well being. These herbs and mushrooms are also referred to as adaptogens and are naturally equipped at helping us get through those tough times. A push towards a whole-food and unprocessed diet will also take the reins in 2022.

The Immune Boost Focus

If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it’s that immune health matters. While the Coronavirus doesn’t discriminate, fighting off any viral infection requires a fully functioning immune system. 

The last two and half years of dealing with the fear of not being able to fight off this deadly disease has really gotten people thinking about their immune system, what it does, and what they can do to make sure it acts right if something such as COVID gets into their system. 

Because of this, immune-boosting tactics are going to be all the rage in the new year. Since the immune system needs a collection of nutrients, good sleep, and regular exercise to be at its best, we’re likely to see a significant focus on everything immunity.

Modern Mindfulness

Mindfulness isn’t a new trend, but it’s expected to pick up some new followers in the upcoming year. Again, the pandemic has played its role in the onset of a more modern take on mindfulness and meditation. The typically niche spiritual practice is now as mainstream as anything else. Mindfulness will take on a whole new life. 

We’re likely to see people make meditation and breathing technique exercises part of their daily routine, instead of something they only partake in once in a while—or never at all.

The biggest change in mindfulness will be accessibility, as more and more people hone in on its benefits and add it into their lifestyle practice. While there are apps aplenty dedicated to meditation, it won’t be long before everybody has their favourite because of the inevitable widespread availability.

Mental Health And The Shrinking Stigma

Remember when mental health was a source of shame, and people thought seeking help for their issues somehow meant they were weaker than their peers? Well, those feelings and attitudes are sure to be a thing of the past in the upcoming year. 

Mental fitness, which is basically a fancy new term used to describe good mental health, will be one area that is front and centre in 2022.

Conversations surrounding mental health are no longer being conducted in dark corners, and it’s about time. Social media, especially, has made it easier for people to say when they’re not okay. Reaching out for help is getting easier than ever because of how open the conversation has become, and, if you ask me, that alone will save a lot of lives.

So, there you have it! These are the 2022 wellness trends that will keep us all healthy in body and in mind. Personally, these types of trends are ones I can really get behind.