Global design studio, XM, launches its first Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse collectible series, Mickey Around The World. As the name suggests, the adorable series features Mickey and Minnie with iconic global symbols to reignite the joy of world exploration in every travel enthusiast.

Fans can get their hands on the Mickey and Minnie figurines featuring the resilient Merlion and the Vanda Miss Joaquim Orchid Flower representing Singapore; the sacred, Red-Crowned Crane and Cherry Blossom for Japan; the friendly Panda and Peony for China; and the Lucky Siamese Cat and Thai Purple Orchid Flower for Thailand.

The Mickey Around The World series is available at Pop-Up Disney! A Mickey Celebration, a Disney-themed exhibition happening at Suntec Singapore from 19 November 2021 to 20 March 2022. This exhibition features seven imaginatively themed experiences and a Mickey Mart retailing Singapore-exclusive merchandise. Visitors can have a photo taking opportunity at Mickey Mart with life-sized Mickey and Minnie statues produced by XM. 

XM’s Mickey and Minnie collectibles will be available in 4” and 12” sizes, sold individually from S$29.90 onwards. Collectors and explorers at heart won’t want to miss the Singapore Mickey & Minnie collectibles in two limited edition colours: Sepia and Black and White!

Available in 4” box sets, each contains a pair of collectibles in Sepia and Black & White, or collect both sets to get two matching pairs at S$149.90 each. The 24” sizes will be available at a later date.

From 1st to 13th December, XM will give 5 pairs of their Mickey and Minnie figurines to 5 lucky winners on their Instagram page, @xmstudios. This giveaway will only be eligible for fans residing in Singapore, so keep an eye out for their Instagram page for more information.