Every year my siblings, their spouses and children, our parents and I gather together at the familial home for a big Christmas dinner. Every year, without fail, tempers rise, drama ensues and dinner becomes more stressful than jolly. By the end of the night, everyone is blind drunk, grumpy and definitely not in the spirit of giving, or filled with feelings of good tidings.

This year (thank the lord) we have decided to end the drama and mayhem and order a complete, home-cooked and delicious spread from Turkey Delivery Singapore by Jeffrey’s Christmas Kitchen. For those of you not familiar with them, Jeffrey’s Christmas Kitchen offers affordable Christmas or Thanksgiving feasts, with same-day delivery in less than an hour!

Their roasted delights are lovingly prepared by their chefs, using their very own special blend of spices and seasoning that is hand rubbed into the meat, sealing in all the natural juices and flavours. They also promise to use only the freshest (never frozen) meats from free-range turkeys that are air flown in daily and prepared just before delivery, to ensure you receive your meal piping hot and always fresh.

Their website is super easy to navigate. And if like my family, you are not very good with quantities, don’t worry because each dish available comes with a photograph, and details on how many people it can feed, making under and over ordering a thing of the past.

They also offer you a refund for late deliveries. And priced at just $10 per head, it would be crazy of you not to simply place an order with them, letting the pro’s do all the heavy lifting, while you focus on getting yourself party ready and sufficiently inebriated for a night of great food, good company and fun memories!

To explore the menu, and place your order, please visit Turkey Delivery Singapore by Jeffrey’s Christmas Kitchen today!