By Lynn Cadet

Holiday season is right around the corner. Although it’s always a splendid time of the year, we must overcome our to-do lists before ripping open our gifts while sitting in front of the fireplace with a cup of frothy hot chocolate.

Yep, the hectic cycle of holiday shopping will soon be upon us. We all know the difficulty of organising gift lists. With so many family members and friends to please, sometimes, you can feel stuck in the planning phase and not know what to buy. 

But don’t let the anxiety surrounding holiday gift-giving paralyse you (which is actually a thing). Sticking to a budget and finding recommendations geared to your gift recipients will help ease your worries. To help you navigate this holiday season, we want to share some of our top gift ideas.

Ikalula Wireless Charger

If you have several electronic devices, organising your charger cords can become a burden. Before you know it, you’ll be staring at a mess of wires while having to untangle each one when you need to switch out the device you’re charging. The Ikalula wireless charger helps you to charge all of your devices at once on one station. This is ideal for the Apple user who owns most of their gadgets. With ports for the Apple Watch, iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Pencil, it keeps your desk or nightstand tidy. 

Gustus Vitae Seasoning Collection

This collection is perfect for the ultimate foodie in your life, especially if they love to cook. In it, you can find a variety of spices hailing from the most popular culinary regions of the world. All of it is sustainably sourced and made with all-natural ingredients to impress your gift recipient. Spice up your dishes and add a new cultural flair to your dinner menu.  

CaitlynMinimalist Name Earrings

If you’re looking for a thoughtful, personalised present, these earrings will do the trick. You can get these cute, dainty earpieces customised to display any name, short phrase, or nickname. They also come in three different finishes, including 18K gold, sterling silver, and rose gold. This gift will surely impress anyone who loves to make a fashion statement.

Ring Video Doorbell

This practical gift works for the whole family. Safety is key for anyone and no one can ever be too safe (am I right?). With the Ring Video Doorbell, you can ensure the protection of your home with convenient features such as two-way talk, advanced motion detection, night vision, and real-time notification sent straight to your phone. 

Polaroid Originals Instant Camera

If you love to make instant memories, you should totally check this camera out. It gives us all the nostalgic, retro feels. This is a gift that keeps on giving because everyone, even you, can take a memory home with its instant prints. Surely, one of these would be a great party starter. 

Sunday Riley Go To Bed With Me

Skincare is self-care and what is a better way to show your appreciation for your loved one than with this lovely beauty kit. This set comes with all the essential products for a complete evening routine. Starting with a gentle cleanser to a retinol serum, you can follow a six-step process for flawless skin with anti-aging materials. 

NY Threads Fleece Robe

Who doesn’t love a comfy robe? This gift is ideal for almost anyone and perfect for those lazy weekends. It will keep you warm during cold winter nights at home when all you want to do is watch a movie on the couch. You won’t have to worry about disappointing with this one because it has great reviews and is perfect for the holiday season. 

Gratitude: A Day And Night Reflection Journal

We all understand the importance of mental health hygiene in our day-to-day lives. So, caring about someone else’s self-care could be one of the most thoughtful gifts to share. This 90-day journal provides a personal space for you to reflect on your day and express your feelings. It focuses on cultivating gratitude, which leads to mindfulness and positive mental health practices. 

LUXFURNI LED Standing Mirror 

For a friend who loves organisation, this gift is perfect. This light-up, lockable mirror can hold your makeup, jewelry, and more with tonnes of drawers and hooks to hang them. If you know someone who lives in a smaller place, this mirror provides for more storage space in tight quarters.  

CINCOM Leg Massager 

Everybody loves a great massage to relax those muscles after a long day of work or exercise. This leg massager wraps around your calves and feet to loosen up tightened muscles, relieve fatigue, and improve circulation. It comes with a portable handheld remote and offers two massage modes and three intensity levels.   

Hopefully, this list of suggestions will help you with yours during the holidays. After all, it’s the thought that counts the most. Happy shopping!