By Audrey Tan

Some items in our wardrobe will never go out of style, no matter what the latest fashions are. The clothing industry is flooded with endless new trends, but some classics will always remain fashionable. Whether in five or ten years from now, they will still be as relevant and sophisticated. 

As shown in Vogue’s first global issue, the vitality of fall’s best pieces, like Alexander McQueen’s floral biker jackets, captivates fashionistas and trendsetters from around the world. In other words, no matter where you are, your go-to pieces will fit perfectly like a pair of Alexander McQueen’s leather gloves to match. 

On a mission to revamp your closet for fall? Consider investing in these must-have evergreen fashion pieces!

Be A Trail-Blazer

All you need in the early autumn days is a blazer to keep you warm from early mornings until sundown. Pick one that can go with your outfits from Monday to Sunday, or go the other way and splurge on that one statement piece. The best thing about blazers is that they go with everything in the transitional season.

You may be gravitating towards a black blazer, but where’s the fun in that? The truth is that while a black blazer is a wise evergreen wardrobe staple to have, it’s not for everyone, and you certainly shouldn’t limit yourself to it. 

Be bold, and experiment with colours like this Karl Lagerfield Fuschia pink blazer!

Bring It In Biker Leather 

If there is one garment to invest in this season, it’s the leather jacket. Chosen wisely, it’s an evergreen outerwear option that will serve you well for years. Even the most fashion-forward people rely on this essential accessory to anchor their ensembles. 

The modest leather jacket has timeless appeal and style credibility in abundance, from edgy black moto jackets to colourful statement pieces. 

Check out this season’s most memorable looks like this head-turning leather number from Saks Potts, which demonstrates what happens when trendy meets timeless. 

For a tastefully striking yet classy jacket moment, how about the Chloé Cropped Crocodile-Embossed Leather Jacket?

​​Get Comfy In Bold Knits

If the year 2020 taught us anything, it is that people will always opt for comfort when given a choice. You’ll never have to suck in your midsection ever again with luxe knitwear in the form of skirts, maxi dresses, and two-piece sets!

Cosy doesn’t have to be boring in the reliable hands of Miu Miu, Gabriela Hearst, and Victor Glemaud, all of which offer knitwear with an injection of colour and personality to brighten up the drab, depressing wintry days. 

Stand Out In Stripes

There is nothing more timeless than stripes. They’re so versatile that every outfit they’re paired with appears to be completely new, each with its own unique appeal. Dress it up or keep it casual; this style is so diverse that you can mould it according to any style preference.

Splash out on the Balmain Striped Button-Detail Sweater or the Victoria Beckham Striped wool sweater for stripey staples that you can rely on.

Look Fancy In Florals

We’ve come to know and love the signature floral prints of spring and summer. The good news is, they don’t have to go just yet. Fall-hued florals are expected to be just as popular this year. 

Make the transition between summer and fall a trendy breeze with these slightly darker and more muted versions of your favourite colours. Fall blossoms aren’t quite as vibrant or striking, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less fantastic. 

When we think of fall florals, we think of Oscar de la Renta’s floral-embroidered Tulle Mini Dress—stunning!

Alexander Mcqueen’s Anemone print Biker Jacket is another piece that even the most ardent solids fan can’t resist.

Strut In Shorter Hemlines

Taking a glance at the spring 2022 runways confirms what we’ve already seen on trendsetters like Dua Lipa, Olivia Rodrigo, and Bella Hadid this summer. Originally prominent in the 1960s and ’70s, the mini style is now a year-round favourite among fashion designers!

At the Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter 2021 collections, brands like Versace, Saint Laurent, Michael Kors, and even the usually traditional Chanel served short-length styles that you want in your wardrobe ASAP.

Plaid miniskirt suits, such as Clueless Cher’s iconic yellow number, have also appeared in a slew of collections and are flooding stores. For a punk spin on the look, Charles Jeffrey Loverboy’s Tartan pleated cotton-twill mini skirt will do the trick. Prefer a touch of femininity? Check these out!

One COVID-19 catastrophe later, we are throwing ourselves into this fall and celebrating all that is timeless. We are embracing the spirit of dressing up, going out, and having a good time. Last year was strange, with designers toiling in extreme conditions, in a vacuum, catering to an audience whose lives have been irreversibly transformed. Despite this, creativity prevailed, and like these evergreen fall pieces, fashion will always remain a constant, keeping us connected.