Vitamin C serums are a must-have in your daily beauty routine for numerous reasons. This powerful anti-oxidant can do everything from brighten your skin to improve the efficacy of your sunscreen, the list of benefits is long and growing, but there is a caveat, because not all vitamin C serums are created equal, and vitamin C is also notorious for being an unstable ingredient that can break down when exposed to heat, oxygen, or light.

The brand new, just launched super-potent 15% vitamin C day serum by Drunk Elephant is packed with a powerful antioxidant complex, essential nutrients, and fruit enzymes, all working together to firm and brighten the appearance of your skin, while improving the signs of photo-ageing

C-Firma helps to enzymatically dissolve surface dead skin cells as it hydrates and soothes. The result is a noticeably diminished appearance of signs of ageing and photo-damage—replaced by incredible radiance and luminosity. When worn under your sunscreen during the day, C-Firma wards off pollution and UV-generated free radical damage, and because C-Firma is formulated at a pH of 2.5, no refrigeration is required.

It’s As Easy As 1-2-3

1. Unscrew the cap of the liquid serum base and remove the pump from the vial containing the 15% l-ascorbic acid powder.

2. Pour all of the liquid serum base into the vial containing the 15% l-ascorbic acid powder. Screw the pump onto the top of the vial and shake for one minute until the powder has completely dissolved. You might see some bubbling, don’t panic, this happens sometimes.

3. Finally, insert the vial into C-Firma’s opaque outer container with the pump facing to the left until it snaps into place. Your C-Firma Fresh Day Serum is ready to use.

When Should You Use it

In the morning, apply one pump to a clean, dry face, neck, chest, and backs of hands, or mix it into your daily Drunk Elephant skincare smoothie. Just don’t forget to top it off with your sunscreen!

If you are new to the brand, you will be happy to know that all Drunk Elephant serums, oils, and creams have been formulated to work well together. Instead of layering, waiting for things to dry, and layering some more, you can just mix everything together in the palm of your hand and apply. Like all of their products, this new serum is also 100% free of essential oils, silicones, and fragrance. Vegan and cruelty-free.

Packed Full Of Goodness

We are loving the fact that this new serum allows us to enjoy the full benefits of vitamin C at its freshest. Vitamin C powders have proven to be much more durable and stable, less affected by their environment, and more likely to deliver results than many pre-mixed serums or lotions which include vitamin C.

Potent Antioxidant Complex (15% l-ascorbic acid plus 0.5% ferulic acid and 1% vitamin E): Firms and brightens the look and feel of the skin while minimising the signs of photo-ageing as well as damage caused by pollution and other environmental stressors.

Pumpkin Ferment and Pomegranate Extract: Provides gentle enzymatic exfoliation, which boosts the penetration of C-Firma’s antioxidant complex. Chronocyclin: A chronopeptide that mimics the antioxidant benefits of vitamin D for more youthful-looking skin.

Vitis Vinifera (Grape Juice) Extract: Derived from grapes and rich in antioxidant compounds, like vitamin E and polyphenols, it is used for its powerful free-radical-scavenging properties and skin-soothing benefits.

Indian Gooseberry: An antioxidant-rich super-fruit that helps slow signs of oxidative stress while promoting firmness.

Sodium Hyaluronate Crosspolymer: With a smaller molecular weight than hyaluronic acid, this ingredient is able to deeply penetrate the skin, delivering excellent hydration and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while promoting firmness.

Drunk Elephant’s C-Firma Fresh Day Serum is priced at $110 and is available online on Sephora and at Sephora ION, Ngee Ann City, West Gate, Tampines 1 and NEX Mall.