What comes to mind when you think of art? Inaccessible to the masses? Unaffordable? Overrated? Having to spend thousands of dollars? Traditionally, art has always been perceived as scarce and reserved for the rich. “The Scream ” by Edward Munch, was an evocative painting that depicted a man standing at a beach jetty with his jaw wide open, and letting a blood-curdling scream. This painting sold for an exorbitant price of $119.9 million. 

If I told you that you could buy affordable art at wallet-friendly prices, would you believe me? No, you don’t have to head off to the nearest IKEA store near your house. 

There has been a rapid increase in the number of people looking for affordable art and the market is jumping on the bandwagon to cater to new art collectors. 

When it comes to affordable art, most of us probably think about the annual affordable art fair which sells artwork costing below $15,000. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic, buying art at a physical exhibition may no longer be possible.

Introducing RtistiQ, the first Southeast Asian NFT(Non-fungible tokens) virtual art marketplace. They have over 2500 artworks spanning 29 countries with a total value of $8M. Their primary aim is to make art affordable for everyone and increase Singaporeans’ appreciation for art. For the budget-conscious, you can filter the artworks according to their price range, and even buy artworks valued below $1000. For those with deep pockets, you can buy artworks priced between $1000 to $2500, $2500 to $5000, $5000 to $10,000, $10,000 to $20,000 or even above $20,000. 

Are you a total newbie to the art world, yet you are keen to take your first step in your art collecting journey? A blog such as RtistiQ intends to educate readers who are keen to learn more about art history and the different types of art. They also promote emerging artists from time to time on their blog posts, as well as give a rundown about the different myriad of styles such as postmodernism or black and white photography. 

Once you have read the blog, it is time to narrow down your options and select a particular design or niche you are interested in.  There are various categories that you can choose from, under their list of curated collections. They have very interesting and diverse themes such as millennial pink and other pastels, surrealism, colonial style, outstanding oil paintings, wabi-sabi art and many more!

So you are ready to buy your first art piece, but you are unsure of whether the artwork would suit your living room decor? Fret not. The augmented reality tool on online websites helps buyers visualise how it would fit in with their living space before making a purchase. In the unlikely event that you change your mind, RtistiQ has a 14-day return policy that enables you to return your art piece with ease. Buying art doesn’t have to be a risky endeavour. 

Do you have questions about the provenance or authenticity of your masterpiece?

NFC stickers for artworks are becoming increasingly common, and they tag the digital version of the art piece to the physical artefact. They also employ blockchain technology to prevent tampering and fraud. So rest assured, you can buy and sell your artworks freely with peace of mind. 

With all your doubts cleared, and your first art piece in your shopping cart, buying artworks may seem like a very complicated process to the layman-but it doesn’t have to be. Simply click on the painting you would like to buy, and add it to the cart. They will calculate shipping costs before you confirm your purchase and your parcel will be delivered securely using DHL or FedEx. In addition, RtistiQ ships internationally so you can buy one of the paintings as a Christmas gift for your friends living overseas. 

Besides buying artworks to support your favourite painter or artist, you can support them in other ways. Art dealers such as RtistiQ often organise IG live series hosts sessions with budding artists as well as established artists from all walks of life. Their latest IG live series was held on 30th September, which featured Aleks Rosenberg, an artist who does sculptures, painting and photography for a living. Though he may not be as famous as Leonardo Da Vinci, he has won many accolades such as the Gold Special Jury Award for Best First Feature Film/ Zelimo( First Prize), and he was nominated for the Fulbright Senior Specialist Program in Namibia. 

Discover up and coming artists by following their Instagram page, with their “Artist of the Week” series which aims to uncover new talent. They usually have a short biography of the artist, and sometimes, even a short interview to learn about what inspired them during the artmaking process. 

Their IG feed also includes bite-sized snippets of information about art trends that are easy to digest, as well as social commentary about the various art pieces. 

If you are interested to learn more about RtistiQ and how you can support the art community, you can click on RtistiQ | Buy Art online, Paintings & more | Original Art for Sale for more details.