The Philodendron White Princess is a climbing aroid with green pointy leaves decorated with white splotches. A part of the Araceae family, which contains over 400 different species, like other varieties of Philodendrons, the White Princess has both underground and aerial roots. The air roots allow the plant to attach to trees or poles for support or to gather water and other nutrients from its environment.

The Philodendron White Princess is a stunning and rare slow growing plant. It thrives indoors, provided you provide it with the right amount of light, humidity and water that it requires.

Lighting Needs – as a rule of thumb, variegated plants need more light than their non variegated counterparts. This is simply because their two-toned leaves have less chlorophyll, which is needed for growth. If the plant is not getting enough light, it will respond by making all-green leaves so it can make more chlorophyll. Therefore, due to its stunning variegation this Philodendron requires a lot of indirect light to maintain it. If you notice browning on the white parts of the leaves it needs more light to photosynthesise.

Watering Needs – water when top soil is dry but ensure that the plant does not suffer long dry spells if you want to keep it alive.

Humidity Needs – as a tropical plant, it requires humidity to survive. Most Philodendrons require a humidity of around 60%-80%.

Fertilising Needs – Adjust fertilising based on your growing environment and plant growing patterns. While I do not own this particular variety, I usually use a liquid fertiliser every other week when watering my other philodendrons.

If you are lucky enough to own this philodendron, please do share photos and any plant tips that have worked for you in keeping your Philodendron White Princess healthy.