By Paul K

Some dreams feel so real that you need to pinch yourself just to be sure you are awake. These vivid dreams make you want to confirm your body parts are still intact and your experiences were real. They also come with other downsides, such as being tired, sleepy, or moody during the day. I can’t recall my most recent dreams, but I am not alone; most people go through a similar experience. Still, there are some dreams—the weird ones, that we remember clearly, and they can cause us a great deal of anxiety.

Science says waking up from the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep cycle is what makes people remember what they were dreaming about. However, some people believe you will always recall these dreams because you are meant to figure them out and bring some of their meaning into your life.

The idea that we can and should interpret those dreams is not new. In ancient history, the Greeks believed their dream gods brought messages to their leaders and heroes.

In the Christian Bible, the Pharaoh of Egypt dreamt about seven ears of grain and seven cows that came out of the River Nile. It turns out that his dreams, as interpreted by Joseph, were about one issue, and they represented two periods of seven years each. One of plenty followed by one famine. This revelation allowed the country to plan for the difficult period ahead.

Back in our present time, we are all curious about what our dreams mean for our lives.

Examples Of Weird Dreams And What They Mean

There are several reasons why we might have weird dreams. For one, people who have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can experience nightmares for a prolonged period. Other factors include late-night TV watching, sleep disorders and deprivation, uncomfortable mattresses, and medication.

Here are eight examples of the most common dreams and their possible meanings:

1.  Dreams About Dying

This one is a bit morbid but let us get it out of the way first. Death in a dream indicates the end of an activity or relationship in your life. In a different context, it shows you are anxious about not achieving something meaningful. If the dream is about someone you love dying, it signifies the fear of losing them, especially in their old age.

2.  Dreams About Cheating

If a partner has an affair in the dream, it can represent uncertainty about an action or a situation. It could also be a warning to look inward and uncover any insecurity or trust issues you may have toward your significant other.

3.  Dreams About Aliens

Dreaming about extraterrestrials (ET) can come from watching a late-night TV show or movie about aliens. Another potential source is being afraid of the uncharted waters you are about to embark on. It may feel like you don’t have control over anything or that outside forces have power over you.

4.  Dreams About Falling

The falling dream is probably the most common one out of all the others. It indicates a fear of failure and not being in control of your destiny. It could involve an issue at work or an aspect of your relationships being out of order. The challenge for you is to check what could be the problem and work on it.

5.  Dreams About Nudity

Nude dreams relate to the fear of embarrassment, exposure, and inadequacy. Other related emotions involve shame, insecurity, and lacking confidence. We see these fears coming up when talking about social anxiety. The person may be overly self-conscious, which intensifies the feelings of being a fraud.

6.  Dreams About Running

Being unable to run in your dream is a popular nightmare people experience. It shows you feel powerless about a situation.

7.  Dreams About Money

Money dreams reflect the positive feelings the dreamer is experiencing in various parts of their life. It shows self-worth, self-respect, and a success mindset.

8.  Dreams About Peeing

The dream about peeing is usually the body’s way of waking up a person to go to the toilet before it is too late. Thank goodness for dreams, eh?!

Sleeping Well

Getting a good night’s rest will depend on your ability to limit the vivid dreams. The best way to do this is by reviewing your life and dealing with the various fears that are holding you back. 

Try to establish a consistent sleep schedule, which will condition you to get to bed or wake up at regular times. Create a conducive environment for getting some shuteye. Remember, various medicines can give you insomnia, whereas substance abuse can affect the whole quality of your bedtime experience.

Finally, find a way to manage stress to be able to sleep comfortably. The idea is to relax and wake up feeling rejuvenated. Don’t be shy about talking to a counsellor or a general practitioner. Sleeping well will do wonders for your health, mind, and overall well-being. And maybe, you can start to put some weird dreams to bed once and for all!