By Angelica Bottaro 

Many people pride themselves on their nail game. In fact, the simple act of taking care of your nails could be considered an art form in and of itself. For myself, having clean and slightly short nails is my go-to. It’s not pretty, but it gets the job done. For others, not having the nails as an expression of themselves and their personal style can drive a person crazy.

From a simple French polish to getting fake nails applied and airbrushed into pretty designs, there is no shortage of possibilities when it comes to making yourself stand out with fingertip (and toe!) aesthetics. The latest craze in nails are polygel nails, but what are they, and are they worth trying out?

What are Polygel Nails?

Polygel nails are enhancements that are made out of both liquid and powder acrylics. The true kicker is the addition of LED hard gels. The hybrid combination of polygel nails is basically the result of the best parts of the aforementioned nail types getting together and having a way more awesome baby. They can do all the great things typical acrylics can do, like fill in, lengthen, and sculpt the nail, except they are lighter than acrylics.

Are They Any Good?

These types of nail enhancements offer next-level durability, which, let’s face it, is a crucial aspect of having faux nails. If you’re the type that has experienced a nail break at any point after getting yours done, you know what I’m talking about. Polygel nails are also flexible and customizable, meaning you don’t have to compromise on what you love about having fake nails, such as the option to make them look as pretty as you are.

The bonus? They are, like, so much easier to apply than your run of the mill acrylics. Getting them put on and shaped doesn’t lead to the airborne dust that is unavoidable during acrylic application. They’re also free of odours and monomers.

Are Polygel Nails Right For You?

If you get your nails done regularly, chances are polygel nails will be right for you. There aren’t many reasons to avoid them unless you have an allergy to polygel or any other ingredients needed to apply the nails. As long as you’re clear of an allergic reaction, polygel nails are worth a try for those that cannot go without pristine nails.

Can You Apply Them Yourself?

If you know what you’re doing when it comes to applying fake nails, you can definitely do it at home. There are kits galore to choose from, containing everything you need to get the job done. If you opt to go DIY, you gotta gather everything together. You will need:

  • Polygel
  • Dual forms
  • Nail forms
  • A base and topcoat
  • LED light to harden them up
  • A spatula and a brush
  • Slip solution such as rubbing alcohol

You’ll have to follow directions down to the letter to make sure you do it properly and avoid nail damage. Countless Youtube videos can help you there.

Will They Damage My Natural Nails?

Just like any other type of acrylic or fake nail, there is a chance that having polygel nails put on can do a little damage to your natural nail underneath. Typically, this only occurs if the filing or buffing is done too hard or far too much. The polygel itself isn’t damaging to the nails as long as it’s applied correctly. 

The issues with polygel nails and nail damage lies only in people who try to take them off at home or go to salons that aren’t really sure what they’re doing.

What Kind Of Problems Could I Encounter With Polygel Nails?

One problem you may find yourself dealing with on your quest to have the perfect polygel nails is finding a person well-versed in the application. The trend is still in its infancy, meaning many nail artists aren’t yet educated in the techniques it takes to properly apply and remove the nails. 

Another problem is the price tag. This type of nail application is often much more pocket gouging than other types. This, of course, is for a good reason. They last longer, are stronger and are less likely to break.

The pros of polygel nails far outweigh the cons, especially if you’re someone who needs to get their nails done regularly. By being more durable than other types, the more expensive treatment may actually lead to you saving money because of how much longer they can last. They can do pretty much everything traditional acrylic and gel nails can, but better. So, if you were waiting for your sign to try the new trend, here it is!