By Sara El Halabi J.

You come back from work exhausted after a hectic day, wishing for some peace. But as soon as you enter your house, the clutter in the living room claims your attention. You run to the kitchen, hoping to find something yummy to regain your strength. Instead, a pile of dirty dishes brings your snack run to a halt. Besides, you’re sick of the dull brown walls of your hall, which seem to drain the energy out of you.

Your house is supposed to be your harmonious sanctuary. What’s happening? Our busy routines are stressful enough to deal with without chaos at home adding to it. We need to redefine our values and reflect them in our most intimate spaces to safeguard our mental peace and boost our happiness!

Let’s see why redecorating your house can help you regain your mental and emotional wellbeing.   

Reasons to Redecorate Your Home 

Anything can motivate us to redesign or redecorate our houses. We might be entering a new stage of our lives or just want a fresher look for our cocoons. Among the most common motives are:

  • You Need A Change Of Style

You’re done with that red couch, your bedroom’s grey walls or the thick velvet curtains in your dining room. After 12 years with my gothic living room and its red, grey and dark brown colours, I want to redecorate it with brighter ones and smoother fabrics. Perhaps, this is what’s happening to you, too? But you need to first determine what you’re seeking at this point in your life.

  • You Are In A New Stage Of Your Life

Perhaps your children have flown the nest, and you and your partner want to revive the romance, or you got a divorce recently (sorry about that). You might have landed a new job and need office space, or you are starting a family and want a safer home for the baby. Decorate reflecting these new goals, achievements and expectations on your walls, furniture and in every possible room.

  • You Want To Clear Away The Chaos

You need more space and less chaos, so you declutter every room. This is a kind of mental therapy, too, because you clear your mind while cleaning up. It also provides you with ideas for new decorative things or how to display those you want to keep. 

  • You Want To Increase Its Sale Value

If your place has a vintage look, revamp to give it a modern touch. Painting the walls every couple of years can enhance your property’s condition and make it more attractive to buyers if you plan to sell it any time soon. Refurbishing is an excellent way to maintain your house and raise its value for selling.

Decorating Elements That Impact Your Mindset

Now that we have analysed why we might opt for a redecoration, let’s see what elements we should consider during the process:

  • Play With The Light And Shadows

Natural light is a game-changer for decorating your house. Determine the use of each room and adapt the amount of light you want into them. Just remember that natural light is a source of happiness and wellness.

  • Choose Your Color Palette Wisely

Pastels and nudes/neutrals are peaceful and soothing, perfect for bedrooms, while darker and vibrant colours can induce focus, energy and creativity, great for workspaces, playrooms and social areas. Warm and earthy colours are best in the kitchen since they bring the family together.

  • Bring Green Friends Indoors

Enhance your house with indoor plants. Many are easy to take care of during the four seasons, while others need special care, especially the flowery ones. Yet, if you decide on inviting these friends into your home, I assure you they will uplift the mood with heavenly scents in every room.

  • Textures Are Everything

Choose furniture that aligns with your senses. Smooth textiles are relaxing to the touch and sight. Transparent surfaces, soft fabrics and curtains that heighten colours are some elements to consider when redecorating.

  • Perfume Your Spaces 

How good is it to enter a clean and fragrant house? Using scented diffusers and natural smells from plants and flowers can provide a unique sensation. Be careful using scented candles, though, since they might not be as safe as you think.

  • Surround Yourself With Things You Love

You might have old family photos to exhibit in your hallway or a unique vintage coffee table you inherited from your grandmother to display in your living room. As you surround yourself with things that inspire you, you will feel happier and grateful.

Redecorating your home can be a big decision to consider, but even a few minor changes will bring you joy, peace, confidence and a more comfortable atmosphere. Happy redecorating!