While I constantly entertain the thought of sleeping in the nude, feeling the cool sheets beneath my naked body, I live with my parents, and unless I want to give one of them a shock they might not recover from, I have to stick to covering myself in my pjs, until I can afford to rent my own place.

But if you have your own space, you should most definitely try sleeping naked! Not only will you save on your laundry bills, sleeping in the buff also has several other benefits:

Keeps You Cool While You Sleep

Do you find yourself waking up in the middle of the night or early morning to toss your blanket off? Well I do, all the time. But sleeping naked keeps your body from overheating during the night, and keeping your body cooler is conducive to better quality sleep.

It Will Improve Your Sex Life

While the closest thing I have to a man in my life is my cat, if you do have a human partner, you will be happy to know that skin-to-skin contact increases the hormone oxytocin, which can bond couples, drawing them closer emotionally and physically. Simply lying beside your partner while naked can also increase sexual desire, leading to greater intimacy.

Great For Vaginal Health

Sleeping naked is actually good for both male and female sex organs. For men, sleeping nude can keep their sperm count intact. This is because overheated testicles can lower the quality of a man’s sperm, making fertilisation more difficult, so keeping the body cooler by sleeping naked can improve sperm count.

Sleeping naked for us girls can actually decrease your chances of getting a yeast infection down there. This is because sleeping naked reduces warmth and moisture between the legs, two key risk factors for yeast infections.

Boosts Self-Love And Acceptance

While it can seem as though sleeping naked would make you more critical or self-conscious of your body, it actually does the exact opposite. Spending more time naked can increase your self-esteem and overall body image. If anything, you’ll become more comfortable with your own body.

So why don’t you give it a try tonight? Ditch your night clothes, lock your door and enjoy the cool feel of the sheets on your skin! Happy sleeping 😉