Here’s an important hair fact to take note of – healthy hair begins with a healthy scalp. What many people don’t realise is that what happens to our face and body, carries over to our scalp. Our scalp, just like the skin on our face and body produces oils, sheds skin and sweats. When build up occurs, it can suffocate the scalp, clogging hair follicles and resulting in hair fall.

If you cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate your face and body, why wouldn’t you pay the same attention to your scalp? The new Marc Anthony True Professional’s new Hair & Scalp Detox collection is formulated to give both your hair and scalp the perfect regimen for it to feel clean, free of build-up while providing locks with long-lasting moisture.

Many things can cause a dry or irritated scalp. Dry weather, stress, hormones, over-washing and under-washing could all be culprits that cause an imbalance in the scalp. For a healthy scalp you need to balance the production of oil. Scalp loving ingredients like willow bark, black pepper and mineral salt gently exfoliate, balance moisture and provide a calming and soothing sensation for the scalp.

Purify & Refresh Shampoo and Conditioner $17.90

Be it sweat, oils or product, buildup happens and that’s perfectly normal. Purify and refresh your scalp and hair with this new nourishing shampoo and conditioner infused with the calming and cleansing properties of willow bark and black pepper which works on oil buildup, irritation and moisture. Olive fruit oil and rapeseed sterols add moisture balance. This duo starts at the root to ensure hair is nourished and refreshed.

Purifying Scalp Scrub $4.90

Just like we exfoliate our face and body weekly, it’s important to exfoliate or scrub the scalp weekly to ensure that any sweat, oils and product build up is removed, to prevent the scalp being clogged up. This new formula gently exfoliates the scalp using micro-exfoliant mineral salt to deeply cleanse the scalp while peppermint oil give it a tingly and cool feeling.

The new Marc Anthony Professional Hair & Scalp Detox Collection is available at Watsons.