By Helen Chiang

For those new to the brand, Maison de L’Asie is a home-grown luxury fragrance house that combines French olfactory techniques with a distinct Asian identity. Committed to developing hypoallergenic products that do not contain any potential skin irritants, all their products are formulated with botanicals or top-quality synthetics.

Maison de L’Asie scents are all extrait de parfum, developed with 35% concentrate, which is a much higher concentration than most brands in the market. Such a high concentration of perfume oils means that you do not need to apply more than a few squirts. Chapter One represents the first instalment in the Maison de L’Asie story, with three evocative perfumes that speak of nostalgia and memories of Singapore.

Singapore’s stories are often told, but seldom in an olfactory format. Familiar scents like tea, ginger and saffron evoke emotions of the past and blend seamlessly to create a tale of the country’s rich heritage. These stories are told from the perspective of a daughter returning back to her motherland.

Nanyang was my second favourite scent. This sophisticated unisex tea fragrance pays homage to old Singapore. Inspired by the South Seas and the Chinese diaspora, Nanyang evokes a richness of culture with green tea, saffron and leather. A fragrance of transformation – Nanyang displays the unique fusion between the old and the new, the east and the west, as well as yin and yang.

Lost Lovers was inspired by the ephemeral quality of youth, beauty and love. It represents one’s journey through life. The fragrance opens with lush green notes before becoming richer and warmer with time, shifting between the palettes of sweet amber and smoky, salty vetiver.

Mother x Love was my personal favourite scent from the trio. The warmth of ginger, vanilla and musk gently wraps around the wearer like a hug. It is truly a nostalgic ode to the enveloping feel of a mother’s love. Airy, elegant and intimate, serving as a reminder of the constant and comforting feel of womanly affection, with small flashes of memory momentarily taking us away to sometime in our past, awakening again in the moment.

Elizabeth Liau, founder of Maison de L’Asie, uses perfumery to tell stories of her travels and experiences. Chapter 01: Nanyang, was inspired by nostalgic memories of Singapore. Born and raised in Singapore, Liau pays homage to her hometown with the first collection.

There is a strong association between scent and memory. A good scent can create an enveloping presence that takes you away to another place and in some instances, take you back in time to specific moments and reliving memories that you wish to preserve.” – Elizabeth Liau, founder of Maison de L’Asie.

The fragrances, available in 50ml and 100ml are priced from $222.80 and can be purchased at Maison de L’Asie’s online store.