Did you know that the benefits of taking a cold shower goes much deeper than simply decreasing your body’s temperature and keeping you clean?

For those of you hot water lovers out there, it might be time to reduce the heat and let your body and mind reap the many benefits of a refreshing cold shower!

A Boost To Your Immune System

Cold showers have been found to help boost the immune system. Studies have shown that taking a cold shower every day can help increase the white blood cells (responsible for fighting infections) within the body.
A cold shower can also boost metabolism and increase the production of brown fat, which eventually turns into energy, so consider incorporating a cold shower into your fitness routine, it’s a great addition to eating a well-balanced diet and regular exercise routine.

Keep Stress at Bay

Anxiety and depression are common concerns, especially now during the pandemic. A cold shower has been used as a holistic approach to reducing anxiety and depression. Simply taking cold showers for five to 10 minutes a few times a week is considered beneficial for mental health.

Studies have also shown that cold showers are able to increase endorphins, and decrease your level of cortisol within the brain. A cold shower can also help alleviate any muscle soreness you might be feeling after a workout.

Boost Your Focus and Productivity

Cold water encourages your brain to increase focus and energy levels. This is because a cold shower wakes up your body, which helps awaken a higher state of alertness that will keep you energised throughout the day because the shock of the cold water stimulates you to take deeper breaths. When we begin to deepen our natural breathing, C02 decreases throughout the body which in turn helps us concentrate more, similar to meditation.

Great For Your Skin and Hair

A cold shower preserves the natural oils on the skin and seals the cuticle on the hair making it look shiny, while hot water strips the natural oils off your skin and dry it out. A cold shower can also reduce inflammation, swelling, and puffiness.

If the thought of a cold shower makes your toes curl in dreaded anticipation, try to ease yourself slowly into it.
Towards the end of your usual steaming shower, gradually start to cool down the water, and at the very end, turn the heat off completely and give yourself a good cold rinse for about 30 seconds.