Global fashion e-tailer, SHEIN have expanded their international footprint to the Southeast Asian region with a new hub in Singapore. As one of the top most downloaded shopping apps globally, it boasts a catalogue of items, ranging from beauty items, fashion apparels to lifestyle products and homeware, all sold at a wallet-friendly price.

SHEIN, is well known for its range of products for all ages, gender and body types, with new items being introduced online daily. The brand’s premium label, MOTF, features elevated essentials that are well-constructed and made of higher quality materials. Notably, the silk collection presents apparels made from 100% mulberry silk, delivering quality at an accessible price point. In addition, SHEGLAM – SHEIN’s foray into the beauty industry, provides cruelty-free makeup products with effective formulas and a variety of colours, at a price that feels as good as the products look.

The brand also supports the fashion community through SHEIN X, a designer incubator where the brand works closely with emerging and indie designers to take them from the inception phase to sampling, production, and distribution via the SHEIN website. Starting this month, the brand will also expand the program to support and showcase up to 50 designers per month. Locally in Singapore, the first batch of Singaporean designers in the SHEIN X programme will be unveiled in July 2021.

In efforts to support sustainability, the brand worked with NGOs to plant over 600,000 trees and will continue to do so. When manufacturing new products, only 50 to 100 pieces are produced to ensure that no raw materials are wasted. It is only when a particular item reflects a high demand then large-scale production is implemented to meet them. Additionally, SHEIN uses environmentally-conscious technology in its manufacturing and optimizes its supply chain to minimise waste and reduce carbon emissions.

Be sure to check out the new SHEIN VACAYMODE campaign which will run from now till 5 July 2021, featuring must-have pieces for the fashion-forward and budget savvy shoppers looking to have a stylish summer wardrobe. For purchases over $50 and $120, customers will be able to claim a $5 and $20 coupon respectively.

Singaporean shoppers can now shop online, or on the SHEIN app and enjoy free shipping on orders over $40 as well as a 30-days free returns policy.