2021 is the Year of Calm, Clean Skincare™ according to New Zealand’s Scientific Green Beauty brand Antipodes, who just launched their Culture Probiotic Night Recovery Water Cream here in Singapore. For those new to the brand, Antipodes® is a Scientific Green Beauty brand from New Zealand that uses pollution-free, native New Zealand ingredients in its award-winning, plant-powered line of skincare.

The new Culture Probiotic Night Recovery Water Cream is an intensely hydrating water cream packed full of good bacteria, plant-based hyaluronic acid, and New Zealand bioactive extracts, and has been designed to promote healthier-looking skin. The certified vegan formulation delivers a lifeline to any skin type by boosting moisture levels and helping to strengthen the skin’s barrier, optimising skin recovery while you sleep.

“Everyone wants healthier looking skin, and the best way to kickstart this is to deliver good bacteria and additional hydration. This helps reduce transepidermal water loss and balance the skin’s microbiome, along with contributing to a more resilient , calmer skin barrier which can absorb active ingredients.” -Antipodes Founder & CEO, Elizabeth Barbalich

We all know that to keep your skin looking its best, you need to detox it periodically. We love the Halo Skin-Brightening Facial Mud Mask, which works to improve the skin with rich mineral mud from geothermal New Zealand, as well as antioxidant-rich Vinanza® Grape and Kiwi. Prized peony also contributes to brighten the complexion while jojoba beads help to gently scrub away dead skin cells.

After a good deep cleansing and before our moisturiser, we like to massage a few drops of Divine Face Oil Rosehip & Avocado Oil, which helps to lift tired, stressed and sun-damaged skin while its delicate scent soothes the senses.

Get started on your calm clean skin journey today! Antipodes is available at both Guardian and Lazada.