If you love fresh seafood, you are going to love 8Crabs! Their crabs and seafood dishes are made fresh and delivered to your home within an hour. They are also the only crab delivery service in Singapore using grade AAA premium Sri Lankan wild caught crabs that are apparently larger and meatier than their farmed counterparts.

Wild caught crabs are much healthier and undergo far less stress than those that are farmed according to the restaurant, and this they say reduces the risk of ammonia production. We tried the large salted egg yolk crab which was probably one of the largest and meatiest crabs we have eaten to date. The sauce was sweeter than the traditional salted egg yolk sauce we were used to, but overall, the food, service and delivery was top notch.

The crabs and prawns (that we ordered) were all extremely fresh and it was indeed a treat. If you can’t decide what to order, the restaurant recommends their two large Sri Lankan Crabs Promo $114.90 or their NDP Chilli Crab Feast $129.00 suitable for four to five diners, or their Clawsome Family Bundle $119.00 which is perfect for three to four pax.

You can enjoy free delivery for orders $120 and above and the restaurant guarantees a 1-for-1 replacement if you are unsatisfied with your order, or a full refund on late orders. So if you would like to enjoy a crab feast while you WFM, go here.