By Jeanene Tracy

When the famous castle from Downton Abbey opened its doors, albeit only for short-stay competition, we were curious to see what other fun places you can call home for a moment.

Here are seven cool accommodations featured on Airbnb, which you might want to check out if you’re after something a little different from the norm.

The World Famous Seashell House 

Not only is this an intriguing place to stay, but it’s also on a private residential island in Mexico. Situated on the rocky side of Isla Mujeres, these seashells were designed and built by the hosts. There are two shells, each with a king-sized bed and bathroom, with a kitchenette and a super-cool lounge area in the bigger one. Feeling hot? No problem, cool off in your own private pool. Attention to detail has not been lost here, from the bed frames to the doors, you feel like you’ve stepped under the sea.

What About A Traditional Dutch Experience?

Heading to Amsterdam? Here’s a chance to shoot the breeze in a real windmill. You can’t get more Dutch than this, well maybe if you slept in a clog or a tulip. You’ll be staying in the countryside, only a few miles from Amsterdam, and here’s the ultimate Dutch touch, you can hire bicycles to explore the beautiful landscape. It’s got three bedrooms so you can take the whole family or grab a few friends to share the experience because you have the entire windmill to yourself.

How Does Perching On The Edge Of A Cliff Sound?

 This one is for lovers of beautiful architecture. Situated in Oia, Greece on the Aegean Coast, this cave house used to be the local bakery, but now it’s a remarkable travel experience for those who snap it up. The sensational views will take your breath away as you bathe in your own spa pool carved into the balcony. There are two private bedrooms, with a nice balance of light and minimalism. Your living area is fun and funky, and open to many a night of conversation and fine greek feasting.

Does An Off-grid Tipi Tickle Your Travel Fancy?  

According to legend, Crazy Horse and Custer came through this area on their way to Devils Tower, in Bear Butte, Wyoming. The tower is made from rocks and juts 867 feet into the sky. If you are keen to do a bit of clear-air stargazing without interruption from the buzzing of your cell phone, this is the place to be. Sleeping in a traditional tipi, you’ll be back to basics with a portable toilet and lanterns to light your way. If you get a bit smelly, there is a solar shower for a quick clean up. Feeling sociable? Check out the communal fire pit to share fables around. 

You Can Sleep In A Sumatran Karo House In Bali 

There is safety in numbers, especially where tigers linger. The walls of this place were made from teak to keep the beautiful animals out, although I’m not sure you’ll be faced with that challenge in 2020 and beyond. If you believe in ghostly souls, the little pathway around the house was created to guard the spirits of the home. These unique sleeping quarters are a part of an eco-village where you’ll have access to a pool, a juice bar and even yoga classes, how very Bali!  Breakfast and yoga are also included in your fee.

Are You Ready To Stay In An Ancient Tower Of A Castle?

This one is not for the fainthearted; with a lift, twenty steps and a winding staircase to get to your bed, but it’s worth the effort when you inhale the view at the top. Your hideaway is in San Lorenzo della Costa, Italy. If the location and vista are not enough, this place comes with access to Cousin Luca and his boat. He’ll take you wherever you want to go, and he’ll feed you focaccia, water and wine, and if you’re keen to see what’s under the boat, fins and masks are at the ready.

Ever Considered Snoozing In A Floating Wine Barrell?

Seems like a far fetched idea doesn’t it? If you head to Fox Creek in Essex, you can do precisely that. If you like watching the odd bird, you are in for a treat, you’ll most likely spot ducks, herons, bald eagles and Canadian geese around your bed on the river. Keeping with the town’s namesake, you may even spot a bushy-tailed red fox. If you want to check out the neighbourhood, you’ve got a rowboat at your disposal, and there are bikes to hire if you’d rather be on land. If wine is your tipple, you are fortunately surrounded by local wineries!

So, if you’re eager to see the world a little differently, there are lots of unique places to stay. From wine barrels to towers, what more could you want?  Where will you lay your head next?