While I am normally very environmentally conscious and responsible, I must admit that I avoid wearing fabric masks, simply because I am not confident about how much protection against the COVID-19 virus they actually provide. Also, for some reason, fabric masks tend to irritate my skin and nose, and breathing through all those layers can be taxing.

But now I can finally match my mask to my outfit while staying safe from airborne pathogens and pollution with the highest levels of protection with Enro, the world’s first reusable Tech 3D mask available in over 70 designs.

Enro masks posses the highest-grade PM0.1 filtration and comes in six sizes for the best fit possible. The masks are tested using standards created by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colourists (AATCC) and best in class independent laboratories (TUV & SGS) to conduct the test, combining protection and day-long comfort.

It has a highly protective composite built-in filtration layer of PM0.1 (equivalent to Level 2 surgical masks ASTM F2299) and has been proven to be able to block out viruses at that level. The masks are beyond cute, and are the most comfortable masks that I have come across so far.

Dubbed the ‘perfect face mask’, Enro masks are designed to last at least an industry-leading 100 washes while retaining as much of its filtration efficacy when new. A favourite among celebrities and influencers in the US such as Kaia Gerber and Katherine Schwarzenegger, Singaporeans can now choose which design and print is their favourite.

Enro masks are priced from between $23-25 with a shipping charge of $5, or you can enjoy free shipping when you order four masks and above. Enro masks are available exclusively online.