By Jessica Haley

In the age of the internet, “vibe check” is a colloquial phrase that means many things. Most often, it’s used to assess an individual’s emotional state in a social setting. However, this slang evolves from “vibrational frequency”, which is linked to the concept of auras. As a deeply spiritual idea that, like astrology, runs the gambit from devout believers, sceptics to those who think it utter nonsense. 

Understanding your aura can lead to deep self-reflection. After surviving a global pandemic, focusing on improved mental and emotional health is definitely a positive thing, and it is worth exploring how crystals can help. Keeping an open mind, let’s begin a journey into the mysterious realms of human spirituality.

What Is An Aura?

While different philosophies have slight differences of opinion, the simplest definition is energy. Each person emits a certain energy that others can sense, like a person’s mood. When two people meet at a party and immediately hit it off, they might have similar or compatible auras. Alternatively, if you instantly dislike someone,  your auras might be clashing. 

Our frequency or vibe is what others can sense, or what attracts or repels us from others depending on how our frequency works with theirs,” says author Emma Mildon.

Some people train themselves to see auras,  often described as layers of light and/or colour surrounding the body, sometimes in an oval shape. Special cameras can capture a person’s aura, or you can practice trying to see your aura with your peripheral vision using a mirror. 

To some, seeing auras comes naturally, while others take lots of time and focus. Everyone’s is a unique blend of colours, some more vibrant than others, changing depending on a person’s emotional state or life circumstances.

Understanding Your Aura

The internet is full of quizzes that tell you what colour your aura is; choose from quick and easy to more complex ones. Typically there are seven colours, each corresponding to a different chakra in the body: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet; although some expand to include black, white, pink, tan, etc. When somebody describes their aura’s colour, it is the dominant one or two they are talking about.

Knowing its colour can help you better understand yourself and your different personality traits. Characteristics linked to colours include orange = adventurous, blue = spiritual, violet = wisdom, or indigo = imaginative. However, deeper research yields a better understanding and connection to the self. Knowing ourselves, our emotions, and how we interact with the world around us offers many benefits.

The Benefit Of Crystals

Crystal healing, a natural alternative medicine, can enhance your aura. Perhaps your aura is a little less vibrant due to external circumstances; crystals help rebalance it, discourage negative energies and promote positive ones. 

Increasingly, people are drawn to this type of spiritual healing, and while it should by no means replace the need for necessary medical treatments, it is useful as part of individual self-care routines. A plethora of information on crystals exists for those interested in diving into the practice.

Crystals are beautiful and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours. They have various qualities that offer healing for the mind, heart, and soul. A good crystal to start with is moonstone, helpful for “new beginnings”.It soothes feelings of instability and stress while promoting inner strength. 

Clear quartz is known as the “master healer”, bringing energy balance and aid in concentration and memory. Rose quartz, the love stone, promotes universal love and, equally importantly, self-love. Amethyst is a protective stone relieving stress, insomnia and helps with understanding dreams. The deep blue lapis lazuli helps to purify the body and control anger and rage, while another blue stone, sapphire, is said to attract prosperity, happiness, and peace.

Turquoise is often used for spiritual grounding or balancing emotions and for good luck. Don’t let the name fool you; bloodstone helps purify and detoxify the body by drawing away negative energies. Citrine also gets rid of negative forces, like fear, while promoting optimism, joy, and enthusiasm; it is great for creativity too. It is said that tiger’s eye banishes self-doubt and anxiety while motivating and giving clarity to make good decisions. If in need of courage or confidence, use jasper which absorbs negative energies. Finally, obsidian acts as a shield against physical and emotional blockages while enhancing compassion.

Finding which crystal best suits your needs is a mixture of knowledge and intuition. Improve your mental wellbeing by carrying some in your pocket or setting them on your work desk.

Whatever draws you to the idea of auras and crystal healing—curiosity, intuition, or seeking spiritual guidance—there is always something new to learn. Belief is part of human nature. Keeping an open mind to countless possibilities allows us to explore different ways of looking after our mental and emotional health.