While the rest of the world might be having a K-beauty moment, I must confess that I have always been a French skin care sort of girl. I appreciate the effort that the French put in to making their beauty products a joy to use. From the presentation to the texture and scent, I have always found every aspect of French skin care to be a sensory delight, and Caudelie is no exception.

What makes the brand really special however is the fact that they are doing their darnedest to be green, clean and responsible. In keeping with this, Caudelie have developed a new range of anti-dark spot skin care products that the brand is proud to announce are effective, clean and natural.

The Vinoperfect line was inspired by an ancestral tradition, where the women in the vineyards rubbed the sap of the grapevine all over their face and hands to reduce dark spots and brighten their complexions. Viniferine (extracted from the sap) has been found to be 62 x more effective than Vitamin C, is non-irritating and suitable even for the most sensitive skin.

In 2021, the brand made a bold move and reformulated their cult favourite product of 15 years- the anti-dark spot serum, with a new biomimetic emulsifier that is revolutionising the clean beauty industry. This new bio-inspired emulsifier mimics the layers of the skin structure, which in-turn helps the Viniferine to be absorbed, optimising its action on dark spots with 3.9 x greater effectiveness. The product’s effectiveness has been clinically proven on six skin phenotypes, from the fairest to the darkest. The line’s non-photosensitising formula makes it suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive, and is also suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

The new anti-dark spot range consists of:

Concentrated Brightening Glycolic Essence $50, 150ml – the first step in the Vinoperfect routine, it prepares the skin for the benefits of the serum and optimises its effectiveness on radiance. Enriched with glycolic acid, it refines the skin texture and illuminates the complexion.

Radiance Serum Complexion Correcting $98, 30ml – a high concentration of Viniferine (1000 ppm), corrects and prevents all types of dark spots, on all skin types.

Glycolic Peel Mask: $45, 75ml – enriched in natural-origin AHA, this 2-in-1 mask gently exfoliates, evens and illuminates the skin in just 10 minutes. 

Instant Brightening Moisturiser: $75, 50ml – niacinamides is combined with Viniferine in this moisturising day cream that evens the complexion and provides instant radiance.

Dark Spot Correcting Glycolic Night Cream: $75, 50ml – glycolic acid and papaya enzyme act as a gentle peel for fresh and luminous skin. The product can be used as a night mask to boost results.

The new Vinoperfect collection by Caudelie is now available online at Sephora and at all Sephora stores islandwide and is truly worth checking out. When a brand makes a conscious effort to not just improve its formulation, but also reduce its environmental impact, it should definitely be supported.