By Jeanene Tracy

Feng Shui, which literally translates as wind water, is an ancient Chinese practice founded thousands of years ago to help master chi energy flows. Understanding Feng Shui helps us live in harmony with the world around us. It can be applied to homes, offices and all other structures and includes both the buildings themselves and their contents. It even extends to parklands, playgrounds and other places humans and animals live, work and play. One of the first uses of Feng Shui was to make sure families chose the ideal location to live, helped them determine the best place to grow crops and the most relevant spot to bury their kin

Feng Shui has been used by many, for many reasons. You might be surprised to hear that Donald Trump had a team of Feng Shui Masters working on the Trump Towers, not so he could feel good in the building, but rather so he could extend his market to a wider audience, i.e. to make more money.

If you want to increase the positive vibes at your place, here are a few ways to make your home zing. Start by downloading a Bagua, a directional map tool, and get familiar with the areas in your house which represent your wealth, fame, love and marriage, family, health and wellbeing, children, knowledge, career, and helpful people.  Once you know where to line these up, positive vibes are bound to come pouring in. 

Turn Up The Dial On Romance

If you want to be in sync with your lover, make things symmetrical in the bedroom, for example, if you have a small cabinet on one side of the bed, make sure you have one of a similar size and shape on the other side. Curious about watching your action reflected in a mirror? Think again, and get rid of the mirrors in the bedroom as they can reflect the past, and that’s not something you want lingering in your love room.

One thing you’ll want in your boudoir is art, but make sure it’s pair-related art, two hearts, two trees, whatever it is, make it a twin. What colour are your walls? Do they happen to be lavender? It’s time for a repaint, according to Feng Shui, it’s best to avoid this hue if you want to stay in the love-making game, go instead for skin-toned colours. Turn up the light on love; switch on both bedside lamps on at the same time (make sure you have one on either side of the bed), leave them on for a minimum of 3 hours then switch them off at the same time. You may want the assistance of your bed friend, or perhaps extra long arms!  Do this for 27 days straight, and you and your partner will be turned on. Hopefully, it is worth the wait!

Bring Me The Money

Have you ever heard the term ‘the door has eyes’? Well, Feng Shui considers the door as the ‘Mouth of Chi’. This is where you enter your home, and energy comes in through the door when you open it. So if you want wealth coming in too, make sure there is no clutter around the door, no rubbish bins and no ghastly gnome statues. Also make sure the door is well-oiled so it opens calmly and peacefully, and allows the money to enter uninterrupted.

The element of wood symbolises wealth, so make sure you’ve got something made from wood in your ‘wealth’ area–a wooden door perhaps? Also add in the colour blue, which represents water and nourishes wood, and combine some mirrors and plants to increase your wealth abundance. If you are feeling brave and can be responsible for another living being, invest in a fish tank, yes, with live fish, you’ll potentially attract wealth on a grand scale. 

Careering To New Heights

Start by using your Bagua to locate your career area. Once you know where it is, it’s time to activate it so you can start to enhance your ‘path in life’. If you find yourself dashing to the bathroom regularly at the sound of running water, this one might not work too well for you, but for those with stronger bladders, begin with a running water feature, it’ll get the chi flowing nicely. If you think that crystals have so much positive energy they can go anywhere, think again. Your career area needs to avoid anything that symbolises earth, fire and wood, Leave your crystals, plants and earthy colours to another part of the house. 

Pretty simple isn’t it? Just grab your Bagua map, walk around your house with a bit of planning, add a few things here and there and take away some useless and meaningless items and your romance, money and career are destined to be legendary.