By Aimee L

Feng Shui offers a variety of insights intended to attract positive energy to our lives and homes. That is why Thierry Chow, a well respected Feng Shui interior designer from Hong Kong, has partnered with couple-focused sex toy brand We-Vibe to explain how having sex toys in your home can be combined with Feng Shui principles to attract better energy into your life. Thierry hopes that sharing more about the two subjects can help debunk myths about Pleasure and Feng Shui. 

Talking openly about sexual pleasure and Feng Shui, can make some more conservative minded people feel uncomfortable. In fact, discussions about sexual pleasure can be a big taboo in Asia and is seldom, if ever, discussed openly. While Feng Shui is sometimes looked upon as being over superstitious, which is absolute hogwash if you ask me.

We at Lifestyle Collective are totally in support of self-pleasure and do not see the point of demonising something as natural as sexual wellbeing and pleasure. According to Thierry, self pleasure and sex toys, when combined with feng shui principles, can help build better energy with your partner in your living space. 

Using the five-element feng shui system; including earth, metal, water, wood and fire coming from Taoism, Thierry wants people to embark on a journey of self-discovery with the help of We-Vibe products by engaging the Feng Shui concept of bridging external and internal energies.  

Feng Shui And Sex Toys: The Basic Principle 

The idea is that an external object, in this case a We-Vibe Sex Toy, improves ones internal energy through the mental health benefits that masturbation provides, and therefore ones sense of well-being. In her tips, apart from rating the Feng Shui value of the external qualities in We-Vibe products such as primary colors and organic shapes, Thierry also uses the bagua, or the “energy map” used by Feng Shui masters, to explain which “directions” or places in our homes can best fit We-Vibe sex toys storage or use in order to foster energy exchange, love and intimacy. 

According to Sara Tang, Hong Kong-based sex therapist: “Feng Shui can be a very important vehicle to transmit in Asia and beyond a very clear message from a sexual wellness perspective: self-pleasure is not only an acceptable form of wellness, but also very much part of our lives and we should speak as normally about it as we do about other things such as Feng Shui. This is really relevant in our fast-paced lives of the 21st century”.  

Thierry Chow’s Three Tips To Boost Good Feng Shui At Home With Sex Toys 

  1. Wood in Feng Shui is related to growth, healing, and vitality. It is represented with colours like green, blue and teal. Adding a We-Vibe Touch X in Green Velvet for example to your bedside table or bedroom furniture will boost shared growth for you and your partner. The east location in your home is dedicated to personal development and social luck and therefore the best spot of your house to use Touch X and explore personal growth. 
  1. Fire in Feng Shui represents passion, inspiration, and visibility. It is often related to red and bright orange. In that sense, Tango X in Cherry Red will auspiciously invigorate sexual desire. Have it (or use it!) in your kitchen, a fiery place of your home, to further boost its energy. Thierry suggests using it in the northeast direction of your home, as feng shui says star no. 9 in 2021 represents romance and therefore using a toy in the colour of passion in that spot will boost romance this year! 
  1. Water represents wisdom, as well as the emotional connection to others and the world around us, symbolizing better energy flow. It is connected with wavy shapes, which coincidentally is the shape of We-Vibe’s Chorus in Blue. This 100% waterproof and most famous toy by We-Vibe is worn during intercourse so that both partners can enjoy rumbly feelings at the same time.

We-Vibe and Thierry will continue their work to further promote the health benefits of self-pleasure. Like feng shui, sexual pleasure should not be seen as a taboo, but as a way of understanding oneself while acting on the interior and exterior energies around us, helping us become fluid, healthy, and positive individuals.  

If you haven’t already tried products from We-Vibe, we suggest you do so soon. They are stylish, classy and beautiful and make for wonderful gifts for yourself and your BFF.