I don’t use foundation. Instead, I like to dust my face liberally with a finely milled loose powder to make my skin look flawlessly poreless. Unfortunately, a lot of the loose powders in the market have been quite disappointing. Maybe my expectations are too high, or perhaps most reviewers either lie or have low standards, but whatever the reason, I have a drawer full of barely used powders that I will soon be giving away. This obsession with finding the perfectly milled loose powder means that I am constantly on the lookout, and this time, I think I might have found it.

There is a reason why this mineral powder has been a cult favourite for the past 15 years – simply put, it’s bloody amazing! Loved by users worldwide, the No Sebum Mineral Powder, known for its ability to control the oil-water balance of the skin, has endless benefits that can be seamlessly weaved into one’s daily beauty routines.

The silky fine, sebum-controlling powder contains naturally-derived minerals and mint for an application that instantly refreshes and soothes the skin. It’s a multi-tasker that can be used as an eye primer for long-lasting eye makeup, as a setting powder for oil-control and a long-lasting mattified look, as a dry shampoo to freshen up greasy locks on the go, and even as a deodorant when you are feeling the heat.

For its 15th edition, innisfree collaborated with Kim Tae Eun, the illustrator behind up-and-rising Korean lifestyle brand, Dinotaeng, to create five different designs and characters that are inspired by animals, nature and everyday objects, and created with an aim to bring joy and happiness

This is a one-time-only collection, so I recommend that you just grab all five variants before they sell out. This limited-edition collection of No Sebum Mineral Powder comes in five adorable cases and scents, each with its own unique Dinotaeng signature character. There is yellow Bobo with a Fresh Lemonade scent, Quokka and Marsh with its Juicy Peach scent, cheerful Marsh with a delicious Vanilla Pudding scent, purple Bobo with its Grape Soda scent, and Quokka in teal overalls with a refreshing Mint Candy scent, each one comes with a little puff adorned with Marsh’s lopsided smile.

The limited-edition innisfree No Sebum x Dinotaeng collection will be available for just $10 each at all innisfree Singapore stores and innisfree’s Official Store on Lazada.