By Aimee L

While I do brush my teeth religiously every morning and night, I don’t have the habit of using mouthwash after I brush and because of this, my colleagues have decided (quite unfairly I might add) that my mouth is a cesspit of bacteria and all things gross.

So when Listerine came up with their #LISTERINE30SECWORKOUT in an effort to elevate our wellness routine and achieve a healthier mouth with a simple, invigorating 30 seconds swish, guess who got assigned the story?

According to Listerine, brushing alone cannot target the billions of germs that reside in our mouth, and while I still don’t agree that my mouth is a cesspit, I now understand that simply brushing my teeth, no matter how well I do it, is just not enough.

I like the fact that it only takes 30 seconds of swishing Literine in my mouth to instantly kill up to 99.9% of germs and reduce the causes of oral diseases.

So don’t be like me, remember to do the #LISTERINE30SECWORKOUT twice a day to stay well, stay strong and elevate your overall wellness and oral health routine and not be called out as a cesspit by your colleagues!