By Sara El Halabi J.

When I entered womanhood, new feelings of kinship towards other women and my curiosity to know about the feminine power blossomed. I discovered that one way to understand it all was to take a closer look at sisterhood.

Magic happened when I dove more intimately into this quest by joining the Lemurian Sisterhood. They helped me understand the importance of relating to other women and the beauty of belonging to a feminine tribe seeking friendship, love, inspiration and support from each other.

I supposed that if we shared the same values and acknowledged the divine feminine dwelling in every woman, we could find a higher quality of life for all my sisters around the world and my community.

The True Face Of Sisterhood

Western civilisation believed that sisterhood came from an activist movement, where women fought for their rights from the 60s to the 90s. Feminism was underestimated and considered a dirty word in the late 80s and early 90s, and people thought it encompassed what sisterhood was.

But I believe a sisterhood goes beyond that. It is not about political solidarity and movements defending women’s rights. Instead, sisterhood is a space where I can strive to be a better version of myself with others’ support. It is a family where women rise together, lift and cheer each other on, amplify our collective voices, and accept each other unconditionally, regardless of race, religion, or sexuality.

However, I know I don’t need to belong to some official sisterhood to feel this fraternity and connection because we worldwide are connected to the same essence. I experience this every day by shifting my perception and recognising the divine feminine in every woman I meet. We are bound together by sensibility and common sense, by our empathy and (motherly) protective feelings towards living beings and by the oh so very wrong concept of us being victims or the weakest gender.

While we were taught that we need male domination or guidance to feel complete and protected, I learned that women have a definite power within, and this power increases when we are united.

Women are nurturers. We carry the shamanic wisdom that heals and mends everything. We understand and acknowledge the males’ role in society, but we are not completely overpowered by it. I also realised that you cannot force true sisterhood. It takes time to develop into a close-knit family unit. We must nourish it with patience, reciprocity, understanding and attention for it to blossom in all its glory. 

Although not every woman must be part of my inner circle or even my friend, she still deserves my respect, tolerance and guidance when needed.

The Power Of Sisterhood

Life and empowerment coach Makeda Pennycooke wrote about the Power of Sisterhood, saying,“Sisterhood provides a safe space for your truest self to emerge. It is a place where your tears are caught, not judged; where you are held, not ridiculed; and where it is okay not to be okay.”

She also admits that connection allows us to see that we are not alone. According to Pennycooke, two factors get in the way of women enjoying the full benefits of sisterhood: our own stories and the need to be in control.

Only when we realise that all women are interconnected, not just connected, can we begin to trust and receive the love of sisterhood. We start to flourish by empowering each other.

Relate To All Women

Here are some suggestions I keep in mind to improve my relationship with other women:

  • Be kind, patient and empathetic.
  • Do not blame or shame other women.
  • Don’t be a hypocrite.
  • Communicate better. This includes listening in a way that makes my sister feel she is worth the attention.
  • Create a safe space for each other.
  • Don’t be jealous or mean.
  • Hold each other through difficult times.
  • Inspire each other to shine together.
  • Cultivate strengths to help each other achieve our goals.
  • Provide comforting or encouraging words when needed.

With the support of other women, we are all a reflection of beauty, strength and fierceness. That is what sisterhood stands for.

After All…

Sisterhood is not feminism alone but a celebration of our femininity. It is an altruistic idea, whereas feminism is an aspect of sisterhood with women coming together to enhance and support each other as we seek fairer treatment and equality. It is not related to creating a disturbance or a revolution. It is to honour our feminine essence through compassion, tolerance, friendship and love.

In my opinion, we need to eradicate sexism and the toxicity that can coexist in feminism. I feel that peace on Earth depends on women coming together as loving mothers, loyal sisters and kind daughters of Mother Nature. 

I have one request, my dear sister. Seek this respect and connection every time you look into another woman’s eyes. I am sure you will feel more empowered, tolerant and loved. After all…that is what sisterhood is truly all about!