From an early age, I suffered from minor eczema flareups. But a few years ago, after a particularly traumatic event, my body went absolutely nuts and I was literally covered from head to toe in raised, weeping discoid eczema for three long, painful years. I spent a small fortune going from one doctor to another and ingesting so much steroids and anti-histamines to no avail.

Finally, after six months at the National Skin Centre, and a rigorous course of antibiotics, steroids, anti-histamines and UV treatment, my eczema seems to be under control. While I still have minor flareups, they are still manageable with topical steroid ointment and anti-histamine tablets and a collection of trusted eczema-friendly skin care products.

The problem those of us with eczema and sensitive skin face, is the steep cost of eczema-safe skin care products in the market. So I for one am open to exploring other equally good and more affordable options. Common over-the-counter products are not only expensive, but some of them also contain a long list of ingredients that aren’t even essential to combat symptoms of sensitive skin.

By maintaining its stance as a clinical healthcare brand, BELVEA works by alleviating the symptoms of sensitive skin through its affordable and simple clinical dermatological range that consists of a wash and moisturiser. Their products have been priced 30% – 40% lower compared to similar brands in the market, and have been formulated with simple and low-irritation-index ingredients.

BELVEA Moisturising Skin Cream Formula $20 is mild, unscented, deeply moisturising and fast absorbing and is safe for use on infants, children, adults and seniors with dry and fragile skin. This hypo-allergenic, fragrance-free, paraben-free, propylene glycol-free moisturiser is made with plant based glycerin and contains allantoin and aloe barbadensis leaf extract which increases skin smoothness while aiding in healing. It is also ideal as an adjunctive moisturiser for patients on steroid cream therapy, where moisturising creams are used in between steroid cream applications.

BELVEA Gentle Skin Wash Formula $20 is a versatile full-body wash that can be used as a facial wash, body wash and shampoo. Unlike other soap-free cleansers, this product lathers well, and at the same time, effectively moisturises the skin. For more information on the product go here or visit Shopee and Qoo10 to make a purchase.