By Sylv T

But the night is still young!” Or so night owls would say when the rest of the world gets ready to sleep. Since the internet never sleeps, it’s easy for night owls to gravitate towards it in search of others with similar body clocks or to find ways to burn up the nighttime.

But too much screen time can make it harder to sleep so, if you’re a night owl, instead of just staring at your computer, why not get up and explore all that the night has to offer?

Photograph A Different World

Ted Grant, a Canadian photojournalist, was famous for the saying, “When you photograph people in colour, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in black and white, you photograph their souls.” Although night photography can still include colour—with its majestic sunsets and city lights—the shadows and silhouettes provide a level of grayscale that can magnify emotions otherwise masked by brilliant hues. Seeing just the outlines of people sitting on a bench or gathering around the campfire, you can almost tell what they are feeling. When the distractions of colour fade away, body language speaks more loudly. Perhaps that’s why we get more nostalgic at night. Being a night owl gives you the highest probability of capturing this depth of the human experience, so why not grab the opportunity?

Unleash Your Creativity

With the night enveloped in quietude and serenity, it is an opportune time for the tender buds of creativity to bloom. Moreover, as the night goes on and your tired brain isn’t as efficient at filtering out distractions, it’s more willing to explore new ideas and unforged paths—fertile ground for inspiration. That’s partly why the most ingenious ideas often come to us in the shower after a long workday. Be it editing your writing work, starting a personal craft project, or exploring different options as a business owner, as your brainwaves fire away into the night, harness them to create, possibly, your most innovative work yet.

Walk Your Dog

For their physical and emotional health, dogs need to be walked at least once a day. As a night owl, chances are you find it impossible to get up early before work or school to walk yours. If so, a night walk might be the most feasible option for both you and your furry companion. In the peace and quiet of the night, gift your dog a calm and relaxing stroll to wind down their day. The emptier streets provide excellent opportunities for your pup to sniff and explore to their heart’s content. Make it routine, and these walks will soon become the highlight of their days.

Catch Up With Friends

For many working adults, night time equals free time. Why not take this chance to grab some friends to catch a live music gig? Other than being a great way to chill, live music has the added benefit of increasing feelings of well-being by 21% and feelings of self-worth by 25%, plus reducing stress hormone levels. Higher stress hormone levels are linked to a greater risk of health complications, so live music can help in regulating these levels for a better quality of life. 

Songbirds, get your karaoke on with your pals and belt your hearts out. You’ll get to bond over your favourite songs and ridiculous but cherished over-the-top performances, plus reap the health benefits of aerobic exercise—regular, controlled breathing promoting relaxation, a core workout, and an immune system boost! Winning!

Finally, if there is a night market in your area, a stroll down the many vivacious aisles can quickly open your mind and senses. Who knows? You and your buddies may return home with your arms (and definitely your hearts) full.  

Prep For Tomorrow

If you like to be well-prepared in all situations, the night is a great time to strap on your armour for the day ahead. Firstly, sorting out your to-do list beforehand helps you start the next day combating the stress of being overwhelmed with clarity and certainty. Next, preparing your outfit beforehand prevents “anxiety-inducing last-minute decisions”, fashion blunders due to being half-awake or worse, tardiness for work or appointments. If you still have leftover time in the wee hours, meal-prepping is your chance to incorporate nourishing foods into your lifestyle. This practice can also save time and money, making it a win-win strategy. With all these daily preparations settled, you can now glide into the day ahead with ease. Sigh…

The things of the night cannot be explained in the day, because they do not then exist.” Although Ernest Hemingway used these words for a different purpose, they’re nonetheless true, and night owls genuinely do get to experience this side of life unbeknown to those sound asleep. For those who don’t naturally seek out the twilight world, but would like some of its magic, start small by soaking in the wonder of the night sky. I’m sure you’ll begin to appreciate the night for all it is in no time.