By Darakhshan Roohi

Am I a feminist? I don’t know, I have never viewed myself as a feminist but then who does? It’s tedious to go through the societal frame every time you want to make a decision. I feel I am better off caring about my own life and worrying about my choices than other people’s views.

But the world is not perfect. We all have to deal with unfair terms or opinions, designed to reduce our identity to a bumper sticker. However, I believe knowledge is a great protector, and you are better off knowing the slang words and criticism you might face in the big, bad world. Be prepared so that you are not surprised by a sudden attack of the judgements for how you choose to live your life.

Mom Shaming

Mom shaming needs no introduction. Are you feeding your kid candy? Sugar is not good for a child, and you are a bad mother for not knowing that fact. Is your two-year-old bundle of joy giving everyone a headache with his loud wailing in the middle of the supermarket? Bad mom for not knowing how to manage your baby!

From breastfeeding to home tuition to styling choices, mom-shaming is an extensive issue. It’s not fair, but as your baby grows up to be a beautiful person, the world will see them more as an independent entity, and you will be freed from the endless judgment.


What is a DVD? How do MBs and KBs relate in android storage? Us women often suffer through mansplaining when all the men around us think we know nothing about technology. Or cars. Or science….the list is endless!  

You could be the math protégée of your school, but they will still explain to you how a phone is turned on!

Many men tend to believe that they know more than women. God knows where that perception originated as girls consistently get better grades than boys throughout their educational careers. My advice, stand there quietly and nod unless you are up for a bickering match!

Alpha Mom

The mom who takes the front seat in her kid’s life is the alpha mom. Are you the lady who shows up to school every time her kid gets into a fight or gets a boo-boo? Congrats, you are the Alpha Mom! I believe it is a little unfair because many kids (especially teenagers!) could use some parental hovering.

But what can I say, unless you are happy to live with the tag until your teenage monster grows into a respectable member of society, you have to step back and let your baby deal with some issues in their life.

Soccer Mom

Soccer moms are another pretty unfair stereotype in our lives. A soccer mom is seen as a mother who has an entire schedule developed around their kid. They spend their evenings running from one place to another to allow their children to have an inclusive and all-round experience.

Soccer moms are awesome, but they are usually perceived to be high functioning and a bit detached from reality. The common misconception is that if a mother is spending her time driving her kids around, she may not have enough time to understand how her kids are REALLY doing in their lives. I think it’s complete hogwash!

Queen Bee

A workplace term that I find truly offensive. A queen bee is perceived as a woman in power who has a group of advisors she trusts more than others. It’s ridiculous to think that a woman having trusted advisors is wrong, yet when men are doing the same thing, it is known as ‘networking’!

Queen bee is a commonly used term that’s not just sexist, it is almost exclusively used to be offensive towards the leadership of the woman.


One fresh out of the oven term, Manterruptions, was recently coined by The New York Times! Thanks to Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison cutting off a senior minister when she was answering a question, we have a new word.

I will have so much fun using it! We all know of a few guys who interrupt us all the time, it’s like they are in too much of a hurry to listen to us.

Feminist stereotypes and slang words are offensive, mainly because they are symbolic of unfair practices and attitudes. It shouldn’t be acceptable to judge how a person acts as a mother. Neither should there be a way to quantify how a woman is as a boss. But the world is not perfect: I am not simply a stereotype, a slang word or a size zero!So let’s take these bitter lemons from the world’s slang shop and make them into the best kind of lemonade—being ourselves and ignoring the judgement!