By Aimee L

When I first moved out on my own and could no longer rely on my mother to do my laundry, I learned the hard way that you needed to use a specific type of laundry detergent for front-loading machines when my entire kitchen flooded with sudsy water. That was also when my love affair with Persil started.

With its low sud formulation, Persil is recognised as the ‘Front Load Expert’ and is widely recommended by machine manufacturers for front load washing machines. I also love how Persil smells and how clean it leaves my clothes, so when I heard that they had launched an anti-bacterial detergent, I just had to volunteer my services to trial and review the product!

Persil Anti-Bacterial Liquid Detergent 2.7L, $12.65

The Persil Anti-Bacterial Liquid Detergent boasts a powerful stain removal formula which comes in handy when you are very clumsy as heck and spill food on yourself. Not only does it zap away tough stains, it is also formulated with Advanced-Germshield technology which kills 99.9% of bacteria and is also suitable for indoor drying.

I just really love how my clothes and house smells absolutely amazing after I do a load of laundry, and from all the other front-loader safe detergents I have tried, Persil is still my favourite.

Comfort Ultra Anti-Bac Fabric Softener 1.5L, $7.95

Okay first things first, this softener smells delicious. It really smells like freshly cut yuzu and I was so tempted to taste it (which I obviously didn’t, since I am an adult) each time I did my laundry. This concentrated fabric softener delivers 99.9% anti-bacterial protection to your laundry, all while keeping it extra soft, fresh and gorgeously scented!

It is also able to protect your laundry from stinky smells from cooking, smoke, pollution, sweat, B.O and mustiness and it’s dermatologically tested to be gentle on your skin. Since my editor passed it to me, I have washed everything, from my clothes, to my bed linen to my curtains, and my apartment smells amazing!

The new Comfort Ultra Anti-Bac Fabric Softener and full range of Persil Liquid Detergent is available at all leading supermarkets and online shopping platforms.