Gamers take note, OSIM has launched the world’s first gaming massage chair – the uThrone. The uThrone incorporates OSIM’s time-tested health and wellness technologies housed within an ergonomically-designed chair, bringing to users greater comfort and relief when gaming or working at their desks.

The OSIM uThrone features homegrown mando-pop singer JJ Lin as its ambassador, and he has designed his own chair in deep purple. 17 of these custom-designed chairs were given out to his closest friends, like fellow musician Jay Chou, NBA star Jeremy Lin and DJ Steve Aoki.

With the market revenue of the global e-sports industry projected to reach more than US 1.6 billion in 2023, a marked increase from the recorded value of over US 950 million in 2020, the OSIM uThrone will address the growing aches and pains users face from spending an increasing amount of time sitting in front of their desks.

Engineered to deliver effective and customised stress-relief, the uThrone features OSIM’s proprietary V-Hand massage technology that will target the specific aches and pains experienced by gamers and individuals who spend long periods of time at their desks. Boasting a streamlined design with double Bluetooth speakers embedded within its headrest, the uThrone brings users an immersive audio quality experience and empowers them to always bring their A-game.

Developed to withstand the high humidity in Singapore and long hours of use, the uThrone is clad in PVC leatherette that has been certified by BOKEN – Japan’s leading testing organisation for textile and lifestyle goods. Each chair has also undergone rigorous stress tests to ensure maximum durability and comfort in every game, and is certified by Intertek Testing Services to ensure the highest standards of product integrity and performance. Complete with an adjustable backrest and lumbar support to fit any frame, the OSIM uThrone delivers gaming comfort for all users.

The uThrone which retails for $899 is currently available for pre-order till January 2021 both online and across all OSIM stores.