If you are looking for a high-performing speaker that can also add to the aesthetics of your living space, then you might want to take a look at Swedish modular electronics company Transparent’s new range of – wait for it – transparent speakers!

More than just a veneer for marketing, the Swedish company also places transparency both at the heart of design and ethos, showing products as they really are. Transparent’s mission is to become the first circular tech brand, and they aim to achieve this by making timeless, modular electronics that are forever upgradeable. Constantly working to increase recycled sources with the aim of closing the material loop, as well as ensuring that their products can be repaired and upgraded over time instead of being replaced.

Transparent speakers are tuned to a true reproduction close to the actual recording from the studio, making them the go-to speaker for many musical artists. Mirroring the speakers’ design and the brand’s philosophy, the sound has been finely tuned to a crystal clear depth that cuts through and brings the listener closer to the music!

Crafted from one single aluminium uniframe encasing the tempered glass panels and components, Transparent speakers are wall-mountable and blend easily into any background, defying conventional expectations of tech-centric accessories. With these speakers, you will satisfy both the audiophile and design savant in you; talk about multipurpose!

Available at multi-label boutique antė, the permanent collection of speakers from Transparent retail for between $899 – $1699 and are available online as well as at physical stores located in Takashimaya Department Store (Level 3, Men’s department) and Grafunkt (Level 4, Funan Mall).