In conjunction with the International Day of Persons with Disabilities and the 5th Anniversary of the Enabling Village, SG Enable is proud to present the inaugural Enabling Lives Festival from 3 to 22 December. Get ready for a variety of workshops, sharing sessions and performances, as well as the sophomore edition of the i’mable Gift Market, which will feature the artistry of talented persons with disabilities! 

Centered around the themes “Connect, Collaborate, Celebrate”, the Festival aims to strengthen connections within the disability community, spark collaborations that drive positive outcomes, as well as celebrate disability inclusion efforts and the achievements of persons with disabilities. 

A series of educational and exciting events will be held across the festival, suitable for everyone from 5 to 95. Whether you are a caregiver, person with disability or you just want to join in the festivities and find out how we can create a more inclusive Singapore, there’s definitely something for for everyone.

If you’re looking to learn more about the disability sector, join the Just Ask Me! sessions, where you speak with persons with disabilities, understand their challenges, and ask them questions. If you’re a caregiver, consider joining the Special Needs Trust Company (SNTC) talks (held in both English and Chinese) where you can find out more about the different trust services and serving schemes available.

The sophomore edition of the i’mable Gift Market sees a virtual marketplace for the first time. This gift market Market by SG Enable is an initiative to promote and market original works, artisanal gifts, as well as premium items that showcase the artistry of talented persons with disabilities. This year, shoppers will also get to interact with the vendors and participate in various workshops too. 

Over 30 vendors from various non-profit, social and commercial enterprises as well as SG Enable’s i’mable Collective will offer merchandise and products ranging from festive gifts and bakes to fashion accessories and home decor.

The i’mable Gift Market will be open from 5 to 12 December, but you can visit the official website here to register for the workshops and activities. 

For more information on the events and activities planned, visit the Enabling Lives Festival microsite here.