A cafe by day. A lounge by night. Powered by AI. Custom-crafted coffee, Nanyang kopi and cocktails all made precisely to each individual’s RATIO of ingredients. This revolutionary retail concept was successfully launched in 2018 in China, and was introduced to Singapore early this month.

RATIO Combines tradition, innovative technology and exquisite taste, with a menu that is customisable from start to finish. Drinks are made-to-order, in the exact RATIO you prefer. Like a 1.2 shot of espresso in your latte? Check. Like your Kopi-O Gau to be super Gau? Done. Feel like being your own bartender for the evening and experimenting with a unique concoction of spirits, liqueurs and mixers? Absolutely.

This obsession with precision is driven by science, and inspired by heritage and taste. Every individual has a genetically unique sensory capacity and preference for bitter, sweet and umami ratios. No two palates are exactly alike. This is why unique and individual drink profiles are the guiding principles at RATIO.

Harnessing the accuracy and consistency of robotics, RATIO executes each drink precisely to order and speed – one latte in under one minute. No mistakes, no hygiene issues and no downtime.

Powered by robotics and artificial intelligence (AI), RATIO remembers and stores your orders for the future, so you don’t have to repeat your orders. You can skip the queue by placing your order over the Ratio app even before you get to the store, do it using a self-ordering kiosk, or do it the old-fashioned way of ordering at the cashier.

From a quick perk-me-up during in the day, to non-alcoholic cocktails for those wishing to abstain in style, classics for the astute and a truly indulgent collection of unique seasonal cocktails, RATIO has something for everyone.

From sunrise to sundown, sit back and relish over 50 coffee and cocktail classics and unique offerings, some exclusive to RATIO, using a combination of beans from Brazil, Guatemala, Ethopia and Liberia, choice spirits, homemade Asian ingredients and dashes of imagination. Not to forget the countless coffee and cocktail combinations a customer can design from scratch for oneself or for a friend.

RATIO is designed to brew java in the day and mix spirits at sundown – a truly versatile venue and space for customers to meet clients and/or socialise or to wind down and contemplate the day. 

RATIO‘s very first cafe can be found at #05-06 The Centrepoint mall, in conjunction with Switch, the world’s first workspace on-demand platform. Their second location will be at Seletar Aerospace Park, in partnership with The Singapura Club.