By Kaila Krayewski

A crystal changed the course of my entire life. I’ll never forget that day my mom came bounding down the stairs. The blood having drained from her face, she breathlessly mouthed, “I got it!” A tear tumbled down her cheek.

Bankrupt, with a family to feed and with nowhere else to turn, mom had discovered crystal energy. Her best friend had recommended getting a crystal and using it to set an intention. “What harm could it do?” She’d persuaded her.

So when mom stumbled across a job waaaay out of her league in terms of salary and experience, located in Vancouver, she’d thought, what the heck. She applied using the crystal to manifest it. 

Despite having minimal experience or qualifications, she scored the position over many more-qualified applications. Within a few months, we’d upped and moved to the other side of Canada, to start a new life. 

What Gives?

I can hear the groans already. Hey! I’m talking to you in the back! Stick with me. This isn’t some hippie-dippie article about unicorns that pee rainbows. 

Nope—this crystal energy stuff is actually backed by both history and science (though the science requires some digging).

Crystals have been around as long as the planet itself, with evidence of crystal mining in the Oxus Valley of Afghanistan 7,000 years ago. Ancient Egyptians liked their crystals too—particularly lapis lazuli, carnelian, and turquoise, which they wore to ward off illness and negative energies. 

Chinese, Buddhist and Hindu cultures all connect crystals with the concept of chakras, which link the physical body with its supernatural elements. Indian, British, and Native American cultures were among the biggest proponents of the power of crystals.

Legend even has it that crystals were used for telepathic communication on the mythical continent of Atlantis. 

Crystals are, after all, pieces of the Earth. Einstein pointed out, everything has its own vibrational energy, so crystals must vibrate too. But what makes these shiny stones any more special than, say, a plastic statue of Buddha?

Where’s The Science?

Google isn’t much help. Turns out, despite the ancient culture that built the pyramids believing in the power of crystals and celebrities like Katy Perry and Adele speaking openly about their dependence on crystal energy to ward off bad energy like stage fright…there haven’t been many scientific studies on them. 

There are, however, lots of studies on the placebo effect, and many articles on crystal energy cite those as “scientific evidence” that crystals work. But it’s not, really — it’s just proof that anything works to manifest intentions if we really believe it does.

Many crystal energy and healing articles point to a 2001 study by a Dr Chris French. Using 80 volunteers, he gave each person a guide touting their healing properties. He gave half the group real crystals to hold, and the other half cheap plastic ones. Both groups reported the same physical, energy-enhancing effects.

Ummm. Something is still amiss. Why are there so few studies on crystal energy? And worse—why is all the evidence that crystals don’t work based on just one experiment with 80 people?

Striking Gold

Personally, I find the lack of scientific studies surrounding crystals encouraging. The power of crystal energy hasn’t been disproven. The lack of research makes me wonder if important people out there don’t want us to know the true power of precious stones.

Making up 20% of the Earth’s crust it is excellent at converting electrical energy into mechanical, meaning that when it’s put under pressure, it creates an electrical charge that can be focused. This can be reversed, too. So, in other words, quartz can receive and process energy, and send it back out in a precise pattern.

But wait — there’s more. After some digging, I’ve hit onto something hard and shiny. 

Turns out, Marcel Vogel, a spiritual scientist and crystal healer working for IBM was conducting the very study I’m looking for. He spent years working on a manuscript presenting scientific and metaphysical perspectives on crystal healing, but, mysteriously died before it was finished or published

Guide To Using Crystals For Healing

Still unsure? Why not conduct your own scientific study and try out different crystals and see what comes up?  

Here’s how:

  1. Find a quiet corner or space that inspires tranquillity.
  2. Clutch your chosen stone (actually, they say crystal chooses you) in your hand. 
  3. Visualise your intention.
  4. Breathe deeply and observe your body for any sensations of hot or cold, pulsations, or calmness.

Here are some stones to get you started:

  • Fluorite clears mental and emotional confusion.
  • Citrine helps manifest dreams by channelling the sun’s positive vibrations; known as the “money stone”. Amplifies willpower and motivation. 
  • Carnelian gets the creative juices flowing.
  • Black tourmaline helps with letting go of bad thoughts and ideas that no longer serve you.
  • Hematite deflects negative moods with grounding energy.
  • Amethyst relieves stress and returns balance; beneficial for intestines.
  • Moonstone helps with emotional support.
  • Rose quartz opens and realigns the chakras, great for destressing and excellent sleep aid.
  • Shungite blocks the bad vibes of technology.
  • Lapis lazuli is a spiritual eye-opener that harmonises the mind and body, acts as a conduit to truth and self-awareness.

And there are many more! So go on, give crystal energy healing a try. Set and prove your own hypothesis. But just do me one favour, and go into it with an open mind. 

Like my mom’s friend said, what’s the worst that could happen?