Seventh Generation home-care products are completely plant-based, biodegradable, USDA certified, come packaged in recycled plastic containers and are a safer option for both your family and the planet.

The brand combines safety, efficacy, sustainability and affordability in its products, which are formulated using Seventh Generation’s Principle of Precaution where each ingredient is carefully chosen to ensure that it is not harmful to the public or to the environment, minimising exposure to toxins.

Seventh Generation has three ranges of cleaning products – Free & Clear, Fresh Lavender and Fresh Citrus that covers all your laundry, cleaning and dishwashing needs. 

For this article, I tried and tested their fragrance-free Free & Clear range of products for two-weeks. This range is perfect for those of you with sensitive skin (like myself and my dog). This range is scent and colour-free and has been dermatologically tested.

Why I Switched To Clean, Green Products

I switched from your run of the mill commercial household cleaning products to greener more earth friendly options around 15 years ago when our dog Cocoa grew older and developed an allergic reaction, which resulted in uncontrollable itching and the loss of her once beautiful red fur. Nothing seemed to help alleviate her symptoms and the vets were stumped. That was when I decided to reconsider what I was using in the house.

I gave away all my partially used detergents, floor and multipurpose cleaners and switched to green, gentler and safer options. In a few weeks to a month, her symptoms improved, and gradually her beautiful red fur began to grow back and she was her usual cheerful non-itchy self. Since then, I have stuck to using products that are safe for both ourselves as well as the planet.

Free & Clear Dish Liquid, 739 ml, $7.90

I must admit that this was the first time in my life that I have used a scent-free dish soap. I have always opted for prettily scented, eco-friendly dish soap in a bid to make the washing-up experience more a pleasure than a chore, and never once considered opting for anything scent-free, so it was interesting to switch from my deliciously scented geranium soap to something that smelled of well, nothing,

I wash my reusable plastic bottles and the dog’s and cats’ water dishes out with soap every day, and neither of us have enjoyed having to taste the delightful scent of the dish soap with every sip we took, so it was lovely not to have that issue for a change.

Being completely scent and colour-free did not affect its cleaning ability. In fact, it cut through grease with ease, made my silverware shine and rinsed off without effort (unlike cheaper dish soaps that require a longer rinsing to wash off). It was also extremely gentle on my hands which are currently affected by eczema (a result of the constant sanitising and washing because of COVID-19)

Would I buy this for myself? I believe I would as it was nice not to have to taste geranium with every sip of water. While I still love my scented dish-soap, I would probably alternate between the two and save the unscented version for the water bottles and bowls!

Free & Clear Multi-purpose Cleaner 475 ml, $4.95

This cleaner is really powerful and gentle. It stripped away the soap scum from the shower, wiped up the grease splatter from my fried chicken dinner, and basically made cleaning up after my messes a breeze, and will most likely be on my shopping list when it runs out.

Free & Clear Laundry Detergent 1.47L, $17.90 And Free & Clear Liquid Fabric Softener 946 ml, $9.80

I love the scent of freshly laundered linen, so switching to something completely scent-free was initially upsetting, but I figured that I would try it once and if I hated it, well I would switch back to my usual detergent.

After a 59-minute cold wash, I was surprised that my clothes actually smelled lovely. Not scented, but clean and fresh and nice. A 1.5 hour run through the drier later and my sheets and clothes were clean smelling and super soft and cuddly.

Would I buy this for myself? Most definitely yes. It worked great, my clothes came out clean and perfect and I also use it on my dog’s and cats’ toys and blankets.

If you have not yet made the switch to green cleaning products, you should consider doing so. Many of the commercial brands available in the market while being affordable, also contain harmful chemicals and other substances that over time, can cause long-term health problems. Taking small steps can help keep you and your family safe in the long run while also helping out the planet.

Seventh Generation’s products are available at Cold Storage, NTUC FairPrice, Redmart and Watsons Online store.