Flying is fun and planning your outfit for the journey is even more fun (well it is for me). While some people opt to dress down to the point of wearing their PJs (seriously WTH), others tend to go to the other extreme, opting for clothes and accessories that while fashionable, cannot be comfortable on a long journey.

Here are five simple clothing don’ts from the travel experts that will make your next flight (whenever that will be) more comfortable, safe and also stylish.

Skip The High Heels

Wearing heels on a plane is just not practical. While stilettos do elongate your legs and look fab with just about any outfit, if there is an emergency, your movements will be severely restricted and the chances of falling down on the way to the toilet during turbulence is just too real. Choose a comfortable lace up sneaker instead. They are super trendy, comfortable and can be slipped on and off without too much effort.

Skip Tight, Constricting Clothes

Tight restrictive clothing like skinny jeans look fashionable but are not the best choice when flying. Not only is it uncomfortable as your body naturally swells when you fly, it also increases your risk for deep vein thrombosis or blood clots. Opt for a pair of distressed and comfortable, but still fashionable, boyfriend jeans instead.

Its All About The Layers

Even a short flight can seem like forever if you are uncomfortable. Stay away from bulky items like puffy jackets, and instead opt for lightweight clothes in breathable fabrics that you can layer on or off (depending on how hot or cold you feel) with ease.

Your Bag Should Be Have A Top Closure

Tote bags are great for travel. They are huge and can pack just about everything you will need for a long flight. Unfortunately many totes don’t come with a zipper closure and this can make you vulnerable to pickpockets. Instead, carry a purse that has a zipper or a cross-body bag.

Consider Compression Socks On Long Haul Flights

While compression socks are probably the last thing on your mind when you plan your wardrobe for your flight, these not so fashionable accessories are a necessity, especially when on long haul flights.

This is because, sitting for long periods of time wearing regular socks will swell your legs and affect your blood circulation. So to avoid deep vein thrombosis, fondly referred to as “Economy Class Syndrome”, be sure to wear compression socks on a flight, especially if it is longer than four hours.