Cat & the Fiddle, a local brand famed for its gourmet cheesecakes is celebrating Singapore’s 55th birthday with four special flavours! From the 1st-9th August, you can satisfy your cheesecake cravings with their special cake and topper bundle.

These special National Day bundles with their half moon and stars toppers will only be available for these four special flavours – Madam’Roselle, Queen of Hearts, Red Riding Hood, and The Emperor’s Romance

How do you pick just one cheese cake from the four options? We honestly don’t know, but we hope that the description of the flavours below will help you decide. If it doesn’t just get all four!


Try and imagine soft jelly cubes of Roselle tea ensconed within a creamy and luxurious yoghurty body. Each bite gives you the subtle and natural sweetness of roselle that is perfectly balanced by the slightly tart yoghurt mix.

If you are looking for a not too sweet indulgence, then this is it. If you need to justify eating an entire cake by yourself, just tell yourself that Roselle Tea is high in antioxidants and has been scientifically proven to reduce blood pressure, so you are not really being greedy, just health concious and it’s not your fault that being healthy tastes this good!

By the way, we tried this flavour and it was amazing! The jelly cubes were such a fun touch and the use of yoghurt, just blew our minds!

This 7″ or 18cm, 1kg / 10 sliced cake is priced at $48.90

Queen of Hearts

This strawberry cheesecake combines the sweetness of strawberries with the velvety texture of cream cheese for a unique yet familiar taste. And show me one person who doesn’t like strawberry cheese cake and I will show you a person with faulty taste buds!

This 7″ or 18cm, 1kg / 10 sliced cake is priced at $42.90

Red Riding Hood

This red velvet chocolate cake promises to be decadent and moist. The cake is said to get its finer texture and velvety finish from its combination of almond flour and cocoa.

This 7″ or 18cm, 1kg / 10 sliced cake is priced at $48.90

The Emperor’s Romance

The delicately flavoured lychee cheesecake named the “Emperor’s Romance” was inspired by Emperor Xuanzong of Tang, the seventh emperor of the Tang dynasty in China, who ordered his soldiers on the fastest horses to transport lychees with haste, so that Lady Yang Guifei would get her favourite fruit at its freshest.

This 7″ or 18cm, 1kg / 10 sliced cake is priced at $48.90

We hope this helps you decide on which flavour to get. For more information or to place an order, click here.