In celebration of the nation’s 55th birthday, BURGER KING® unveils the beloved Rendang Burger as its annual Taste of Singapore special. If you are a fan of this local flavour, you can satisfy your cravings for a limited time from 14 July 2020 to 31 August 2020. 

The Rendang Double Beef Burger will be available at an XXL size for the first time from 18 July 2020. Featuring two beef patties cradled in a five inch sesame bun, the XXL Rendang Beef Burger promises to be saucier than ever!

For the uninitiated, the Rendang Double Beef Burger features two flame-grilled beef patties topped with BURGER KING®’s signature, Rendang sauce paired with fresh onions and served on toasted sesame seed buns. With the Rendang Tendergrill® Chicken, you’ll get to feast on a juicy Tendergrill® chicken thigh patty, topped with a generous drizzle of Rendang sauce and sprinkling of fresh onions.

Use #OdetoBKRendang To Unlock A Collective Discount

From 14 July 2020, simply use the hashtag #OdetoBKRendang as you proclaim your love for the Rendang Burger on your social channels to win.

Think slam poetry, a dance, a song – there’s more than one way to stan the Rendang Burger. Or just keep it simple and complete the sentence “My love for Rendang …”. The big prize? Work as one #SGUnited to reach 100 odes as a nation, and the King will unlock special National Day pricing for the Rendang Burger at $5.50 for a limited time, from 1 August 2020.

The XXL Rendang Beef Burger will be available from 18 July 2020 at $9.90 for their value meal. The regular Rendang Double Beef Burger and Rendang Tendergrill® Chicken are also available island-wide from 14 July 2020 at $7.50 for their value meal.