With the world battling an unseen enemy, knowing what disinfectant to buy is important, especially with supermarkets and online stores flooded with more options than one can realistically process. Add to that, the number of Dengue cases has also spiked, leaving us to find a safe solution to keep mozzies at bay.

Bio-X, which has been in the market for a while, is a unique formulation invented by Japanese firm Okada Ecotech. This unique solution consists of many plant extracts making the concoction effective against germs and bacteria – Salmonella, E. coli, Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae, viruses – Classical swine fever (CSF), Aujeszky’s disease, Bronchitis, and Newcastle disease (NDV)), pests and insects – including Root-knot nematode, ova and larvae, fungi, contact and systemic diseases.

It’s time to take the drama out of cleaning

This 10-year-old formulation has been certified non-poisonous by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the United States Environmental Protection, and is made with a mixture of botanical extracts that has been found to be 14 times less toxic than table salt. This alcohol-free, chlorine free and DEET-free formulation is 99.99% effective against bacteria, viruses and insects.

Here are some of the popular Bio-X products available in the market:

  • Bio-X 3-in-1 Aerosol, $11.90/$17.90 for 300 ml/600 ml, works as an insecticide, deodorant and disinfectant. It is a general-purpose aerosol to eliminate insects, germs, bacteria and bad odours, and easily covers larger areas.
  • Bio-X 3-in-1 VOC-Free Organic Lavender Aerosol, $13.90, 300ml, uses refrigerant gas instead of LPG and has a refreshing and pleasant lavender fragrance from 100% natural lavender extract. This is a multi-functional product that works as an insecticide, miticide, larvicide, fungicide, deodoriser and disinfectant in one product, tested and proven effective in eliminating viruses.
  • Bio-X 3-in-1 Hand Spray, $17.90/$18.90, 295 ml, comes in two scents and does not contain propellants that are used in aerosol sprays, thereby making it perfect for directly spraying on hard and soft surfaces such as sofa, curtain, bed, cupboard, etc.

The hand spray also provides 170% more liquid content than the aerosol cans. All Bio-X products leave a long-lasting residue that continues to provide continued protection after application.

It is water-based, bio- and photo-degradable, non- staining and certified by the Singapore Environment Council to be environmentally friendly. It is also a “Green” product under the Green Label Singapore Scheme.

To meet the increasing market demand for disinfectants, Okada Ecotech will be introducing Bio-X Kleanze, which is made from 100% plant-based derivatives, comes in two different formulations, and is packaged in recyclable material.

  • Industrial-grade Solution, $11.90, 200ml, which requires dilution with water before use. The formula and packaging make it affordable for customers.
  • Ready-to-use Aerosol, $9.90, 300ml, which uses R134a refrigerant gas that does not burn or combust.

The all new Bio-X Kleanze will be a disinfectant that is suitable for home use and will be able to kill more than 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. It is also a deodoriser and an insect repellent with anti-fungal properties.

This new water-based solution will be formulated using botanical extracts and is non-poisonous, free from DEET, chlorine and alcohol.

If you are looking for a safe and eco-friendly mozzie repellent that can also provide protection against virus and bacteria, you can find a range of Bio X products at NTUC Fairprice, Selffix, Lazada and Qoo10.