This June, get intimate with three international artists, Rainer Lagemann, Coplu, and Adi Gunawan with weekly Facebook live sessions happening every Thursday at 8pm on 11 June, 18 June, and 25 June 2020.

Collectors and art enthusiasts alike will now be able to satisfy their craving for culture with these weekly series of ‘Inside the Creative Space with…’ as the artists open up their studios to the public, virtually for the first time!

Inside the Creative Space with Rainer Lagemann

This Thursday, you can get a glimpse into Rainer’s studio, where he will reveal his newest creations and his personal art collection. The German sculptor who is based in Miami, USA, has always been intrigued with the relationship between art, architecture and interior design.

With a background in architecture and interior design himself, the artist is well-known for his large-scale sculptures of human bodies in motion that are composed of multiple hollow steel squares.

With solo exhibitions around the world notably in Singapore, Malaysia, North America and Europe, some of his public projects can be seen locally in the China Square Central Building, Hotel Capri, and at Lyf Funan.

Inside the Creative Space with Coplu

Haven’t been to Turkey? No problem – grab your chance at viewing this elusive and private artist’s art studio in Antalya, Turkey as he talks about his life-long journey in art next Thursday (18th June). 

Coplu’s distinct style of painting is characterized by use of vibrant colours and love, influenced by his mother who was a weaver, while depicting themes of family and togetherness. His hopeful and emotive series of paintings serve as constant reminders of the power of love and familial bonds. Using recurring motives such as heart-shaped trees, clouds, and human figures to encapsulate love, dream, and hope, Coplu has been captivating viewers of all ages for decades. 

One of Coplu’s sculptures, titled “Nature of Love” can be found at Changi Airport in the arrival hall of Terminal 4. The artist has exhibited all over Asia, Europe, and North America. 

Inside the Creative Space with Adi Gunawan

Adi Gunawan, who is based in Yogyakarta, the art hub of Indonesia, is revealing his studio to the public for the first time on the 25th of June. Join him as he reveals his newest sculptures and gain insight from the artist himself about his creative inspirations, the symbolism of his sculptures, and the processes involved in creating bronze sculptures.

His sculptures reflect his own cultural heritage and explore the relationship between humans and animals and the expression of motion, gestures and character. In his sculptures, Adi invokes euphoria and the significance of animals in his work due to his cultural background of growing up in an agrarian society.

The Indonesian artist has also been showcasing his sculptural works internationally, notably in Hong Kong, the United States, and Switzerland. 

The Facebook Live sessions will run every Thirsday this month on the 11, 18, and 25 June 2020 at 8pm. To view, go here!